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I help clients foster strategic relationships to protect and enhance their profile in the public's eye.
Daniel Cherrin

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I formed North Coast Strategies, a high-stakes public strategy (public relations + affairs) firm, by combining my experience in law, strategic communications and public policy. I help people and companies protect their reputation or gain a competitive advantage.

As an attorney with a practice centered-around strategic communications, crisis management and public affairs, I help clients understand how their legal problems can become PR problems and what they can do to minimize risk and protect their reputation.

As a trained facilitator, I also work with government, business and community leaders to resolve public policy disputes. I create a facilitative process to take the politics out of policy by bringing multiple stakeholders together and moving issues forward.

Although I work independently, at times I have a network of other consultants that allows me to offer an extended variety of marketing services on an as needed basis. Because of my virtual structure and low overhead,  I am able to focus on specific projects and work very closely with my clients.

More About Daniel

DANIEL CHERRIN is the founder and CEO of North Coast Strategies and co-owner/editor of Detroit Meddle. Through advocacy, collaboration and strategic relationships, Daniel Cherrin has built a successful career, as an attorney, lobbyist and public relations professional. This includes serving as the Communications Director for the City of Detroit and Press Secretary to the Mayor of Detroit, federal lobbyist for the Detroit Regional Chamber and the owner of an independent public affairs consultancy. 

Over the past 20 years, Daniel has worked on a number of high profile issues, advising university presidents, mayors, CEOs, association executives and others, ranging from: Restoring the public’s trust in the City of Detroit after its’ mayor went to prison; serving as the spokesman for Michigan’s smallest and most historic city; representing one of the busiest international border crossing’s along the US Canadian Border; advising a university president on crisis management related to their kidney transplant program; and, leading a series of stakeholder meetings in Ontario around an 1,800 MW off shore wind farm proposal.  

Daniel believes the way forward is to engage! Through targeted communications, strategic relationships and something valuable to share, Daniel works to protect and enhance the reputation of organizations and people in the public eye. He is married, the father of 3 and enjoys competing in 5Ks with his children.

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Daniel is available to speak at conferences and other events on issues related to crises communications, cyber-security, risk management, public affairs and strategic communications. Daniel was as a speaker at:

Public Relations Society of America International Conference, "Lessons from Flint: Crisis Management For Public Officials," October, 2016

Michigan Food and Agriculture Protection & Defense Working Group, Michigan Department of Agriculture, "Risk Communications During Food Emergency Events, October, 2016

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I wanted to thank you for taking the time to meet with Rodney and I. I’ve used the key message development form twice in the last two days, and have found it extremely helpful. I just finished an interview with Al Jazeera America about the use of subminimum wages, and had I not taken the time to develop the key messages I would have fumbled the interview. She asked some tough questions, and I was prepared!
— Sara Grivetti, CEO, Disability Network of Michigan
Dan, The article is beautiful. On behalf of the rest of northeast Ohio, thank you all for all your hard work. How incredible is it to see this move forward. I am in awe.
— Mayor Chris Conley, Grand River, Ohio
Again thanks for all your help with our reporters at The News. It is indeed a breathe of fresh air after all the past turmoil and your professionalism is very much appreciated.
— Bill McMillan, Assistant Managing Editor Metro/Sports (Ret.), The Detroit News