Daniel Cherrin,  Chief Strategic Communications Officer & Founder

Daniel Cherrin,

Chief Strategic Communications Officer & Founder

Protecting and Enhancing Your Reputation

NORTH COAST STRATEGIES is an independent public relations/affairs consultancy, that combines the very best of a big agency, with hands-one executive-level experience and support. We are focused on developing strategic and meaningful relationships to help protect and enhance our client's reputation in the public's eye.

Our clients expect us to resolve complex and critical issues affecting their business, by creating strategic and integrated communications plans, complete with targeted messages, leveraging our relations with the media, government leaders and the business community. We align the message with the strategy and plan a course of action to impact the public's opinion.


We are not a firm, we are a consultancy -- a collection of independent senior-level professionals, organized around our clients. We sit outside the box and know that one size never fits all.  As a result, we organize our business around our clients. we are independent and grounded in the realities and complexities of the issue. Our advice is direct, relevant and adds value to the challenges and opportunities our client's face. We just don't do the work, we bring our clients additional opportunities to the table to help your business move forward.

We find comfort with chaos and embrace uncertainty and we build influence and make an impact by starting the conversation.


To start the conversation to protect your reputation.

Public Relations

I help companies shift their marketing strategies, from pitching the media to informing them by creating content, establishing credibility and engaging the decision-makers.

Crisis Management

As a lawyer, I work closely with companies and their attorneys to manage risk, prepare and avoid a crisis or work with a client through a very difficult situation while working to repair their reputation.

Public Affairs

On behalf of companies, I help build trust with key stakeholders through direct engagement, one-on-one meetings and corporate social responsibility campaigns. 

Strategic Communications • CRISIS MANAGEMENT Media Relations • External Affairs • 
Community Engagement • Stakeholder Engagement • Corporate Social Responsibility • Social Media monitoring

You helped renew my respect for folks who opt for public service.
— Dave Josar, The Detroit News
You think of things that we don’t, but raise our visibility. We have never had that, so it’s much appreciated.
— John Kerr, Detroit Wayne County Port Authority
I appreciate what you have done to help open doors for us…
— Dr. Alan Wildeman, President of the University of Windsor