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Along the shores of America’s North Coast I work to develop meaningful relationships through insight and advocacy. This is my chance to offer advice and commentary on trends in the industry that will help you protect and enhance your reputation. I will offer insight into the media covering your issues and my thoughts and insight on Detroit and the North Coast. At times, I may focus on other issues to help you think critically, anticipate change and make decisions that help move you forward.

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GUILTY, in the court of public opinion!

While we may be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, we have a higher burden in the court of public opinion. Social media plays a central role in how we form our opinions on the news and on each other.

Communication is key in creating comfortable workplaces

No one is immune from harassment. While it is difficult to control the actions of someone's bad decisions, employers can create an environment that is safe for their employees and customers. 

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services doubles down on luxury real estate in the City of Detroit

In 2003 Warren Buffet said Detroit has "huge potential" and might even be a place for Berkshire Hathaway to invest if he finds a suitable company.  Today, Berkshire Hathaway announced The Loft Warehouse joins their HomeServices Real Estate Brokerage Network, their first investment in the City of Detroit. 

It's time you hire more people with a disability

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month which gives us a chance to celebrate companies that employ people with disabilities and embrace diversity and inclusion practices, and raise awareness for those companies that don’t.  Services to Enhance Potential (STEP) and other Community Rehabilitation Organizations, are preparing individuals with developmental disabilities for these opportunities.  Every day these organizations work with thousands of individuals with disabilities helping prepare them for work opportunities.  Additionally, efforts are taken to work with the potential employer to assure the individual’s transition to the work place is a smooth one and the employer needs continue to be met.  

Detroit gets ready to host the nation's changemakers to explore our common future

Independent Sector, the Michigan Nonprofit Association, and the Council of Michigan Foundations will host more than 1,000 changemakers at Our Common Future in Detroit this October 25-27.

Your accomplishments on this team have left a tremendous footprint and will be long-lasting.
— Bridget Kavanaugh, Crain’s Communications
Dan, the editorial is fantastic! Thanks for the brilliant idea and execution.
— Ann Kalass, Starfish Family Services CEO
Daniel, Thank you for providing the data, explaining it, etc. It’s much appreciated.
— Sarah E. Needleman
, Small Business Editor & Reporter, 
The Wall Street Journal