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Along the shores of America’s North Coast I work to develop meaningful relationships through insight and advocacy. This is my chance to offer advice and commentary on trends in the industry that will help you protect and enhance your reputation. I will offer insight into the media covering your issues and my thoughts and insight on Detroit and the North Coast. At times, I may focus on other issues to help you think critically, anticipate change and make decisions that help move you forward.

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Exposure is the new reality

There are steps we can take to protect our information and the information people give to us in trust. If that trust is breached there are also steps you can take to minimize any damage to your reputation.

Flint Offers Lessons For Congress & The White House

The situation in Flint represents our distrust, disgust and dissatisfaction with government and politics, but the situation in Flint is representative of how many of us feel about government overall. Photo Credit TH Muller.

In a crisis, you manage in the moment

In difficult times we do not want you to point fingers we need your help in knowing everyone is okay and that everyone will be okay.  Then we need to understand what happened and then how it happened and how you are going to prevent a crisis like this from ever happen again.

Want to become a thought-leader, try these speaking forums

The nation's leading experts often command large fees to speak before groups at conferences and trade shows. There are other forums where experts, policy makers or celebrities are invited to speak, given the right issue and audience.  Here are some of the best forums to try to get invited to speak at.

5 things to include in your social media policy

At home and the office, it pays to be more social, but does your company have a social media policy and if so, are your employees listening, or better yet, Are You Listening To Your Employees? Keep these 5 things in mind in crafting your social media policy.

Your accomplishments on this team have left a tremendous footprint and will be long-lasting.
— Bridget Kavanaugh, Crain’s Communications
Dan, the editorial is fantastic! Thanks for the brilliant idea and execution.
— Ann Kalass, Starfish Family Services CEO
Daniel, Thank you for providing the data, explaining it, etc. It’s much appreciated.
— Sarah E. Needleman
, Small Business Editor & Reporter, 
The Wall Street Journal