My Value


My Value

Daniel Cherrin,  Chief Strategic Communications Officer & Founder

Daniel Cherrin,

Chief Strategic Communications Officer & Founder

Protecting and Enhancing Your Reputation

NORTH COAST STRATEGIES is an independent public relations/affairs consultancy, that combines the very best of a big agency, with hands-on executive-level experience and support. We are focused on developing strategic and meaningful relationships to help protect and enhance our client's reputation and bottom-line, while creating a forum to resolve difficult issues, and a process by which to bring the stakeholders together.

Our clients expect us to resolve complex and critical issues affecting their business, by creating strategic and integrated communications plans, complete with targeted messages, leveraging our relationships with the media, government leaders and the business community. We align the message with the strategy and plan a course of action to impact the public's opinion.


We are not a firm, we are a consultancy -- a collection of independent senior-level professionals, organized around our clients. We sit outside the box and know that one size never fits all.  As a result, we organize our business around our clients. we are independent and grounded in the realities and complexities of the issue. Our advice is direct, relevant and adds value to the challenges and opportunities our client's face. We just don't do the work, we bring our clients additional opportunities to the table to help your business move forward.


To start the conversation and leverage our network, to protect your reputation.

We believe the way forward is to engage. Through strategic relationships and something valuable to share, we find consensus through chaos and work to protect and enhance your reputation in the public's eye. we do this through insight, advocacy, and the development of key relationships in the government, the media and the community.

Public Relations

I help companies shift their marketing strategies, from pitching the media to informing them, by creating content, establishing credibility and engaging the decision-makers.

Crisis Management

As a lawyer, I work with companies to keep them on guard or help them if they get caught off guard. This includes working proactively to limit your risk and protecting your reputation when an issue becomes a problem and a problem becomes a crisis. 



We work with companies to become purpose-driven and make an impact to improve their competitiveness, through enhanced social, environmental and economic sustainability initiatives.

Public POLICY &
GROUP Facilitation

We bring people together to make good decisions under difficult situations. We don't take sides or make decisions. We simply create the path for people to move beyond their differences, join together and discover a new way forward. We simply help start the conversation.

Strategic Communications • CRISIS MANAGEMENT Media Relations • External Affairs • 
Community Engagement • Stakeholder Engagement • Corporate Social Responsibility • Media monitoring

You helped renew my respect for folks who opt for public service.
— Dave Josar, The Detroit News
You think of things that we don’t, but raise our visibility. We have never had that, so it’s much appreciated.
— John Kerr, Detroit Wayne County Port Authority
I appreciate what you have done to help open doors for us…
— Dr. Alan Wildeman, President of the University of Windsor

About Me

About Me

A Strategy Based on Relationships

I help clients foster strategic relationships to protect and enhance their profile in the public's eye.
Daniel Cherrin

High Stakes

Legal Advantage

Moving Issues Forward

Independence & Flexibility

I formed North Coast Strategies, a high-stakes public strategy (public relations + affairs) firm, by combining my experience in law, strategic communications and public policy. I help people and companies protect their reputation or gain a competitive advantage.

As an attorney with a practice centered-around strategic communications, crisis management and public affairs, I help clients understand how their legal problems can become PR problems and what they can do to minimize risk and protect their reputation.

As a trained facilitator, I also work with government, business and community leaders to resolve public policy disputes. I create a facilitative process to take the politics out of policy by bringing multiple stakeholders together and moving issues forward.

Although I work independently, at times I have a network of other consultants that allows me to offer an extended variety of marketing services on an as needed basis. Because of my virtual structure and low overhead,  I am able to focus on specific projects and work very closely with my clients.

More About Daniel

DANIEL CHERRIN is the founder and CEO of North Coast Strategies and co-owner/editor of Detroit Meddle. Through advocacy, collaboration and strategic relationships, Daniel Cherrin has built a successful career, as an attorney, lobbyist and public relations professional. This includes serving as the Communications Director for the City of Detroit and Press Secretary to the Mayor of Detroit, federal lobbyist for the Detroit Regional Chamber and the owner of an independent public affairs consultancy. 

Over the past 20 years, Daniel has worked on a number of high profile issues, advising university presidents, mayors, CEOs, association executives and others, ranging from: Restoring the public’s trust in the City of Detroit after its’ mayor went to prison; serving as the spokesman for Michigan’s smallest and most historic city; representing one of the busiest international border crossing’s along the US Canadian Border; advising a university president on crisis management related to their kidney transplant program; and, leading a series of stakeholder meetings in Ontario around an 1,800 MW off shore wind farm proposal.  

Daniel believes the way forward is to engage! Through targeted communications, strategic relationships and something valuable to share, Daniel works to protect and enhance the reputation of organizations and people in the public eye. He is married, the father of 3 and enjoys competing in 5Ks with his children.

Now, let’s start the conversation!

#IAM | Independent, Strategic, Calm, Connected, Collaborative, Direct, and Fun!


Daniel is available to speak at conferences and other events on issues related to crises communications, cyber-security, risk management, public affairs and strategic communications. Daniel was as a speaker at:

The Wall Street Journal Pro’s Cybersecurity Small Business Academy, Dana Point California, Incident Response on a Budget, October, 2018

Public Relations Society of America International Conference, Lessons from Flint: Crisis Management For Public Officials, October, 2016

Michigan Food and Agriculture Protection & Defense Working Group, Michigan Department of Agriculture, Risk Communications During Food Emergency Events, October, 2016

State Bar of Michigan, Environmental Law Summer Program: Crisis Mode: What Do You Do When It All Hits the Fan?, June, 2018

Trusted By:

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to meet with Rodney and I. I’ve used the key message development form twice in the last two days, and have found it extremely helpful. I just finished an interview with Al Jazeera America about the use of subminimum wages, and had I not taken the time to develop the key messages I would have fumbled the interview. She asked some tough questions, and I was prepared!
— Sara Grivetti, CEO, Disability Network of Michigan
Dan, The article is beautiful. On behalf of the rest of northeast Ohio, thank you all for all your hard work. How incredible is it to see this move forward. I am in awe.
— Mayor Chris Conley, Grand River, Ohio
Again thanks for all your help with our reporters at The News. It is indeed a breathe of fresh air after all the past turmoil and your professionalism is very much appreciated.
— Bill McMillan, Assistant Managing Editor Metro/Sports (Ret.), The Detroit News



My Work

My Work




  • Served as the spokesperson for: The City of Detroit (Mich.), Mackinac Island, Mich. and The Ann Arbor Art Fair.
  • Developed and implemented communications strategies and plans to support The District Detroit, a 55 block, mixed-use development anchored by a new hockey arena for The Detroit Red Wings, and an expand corporate campus for Ilitch Holdings.
  • Served as spokesperson for an 1800 MW off shore wind farm proposal in Southwest Ontario and led their public engagement meetings in the province.
  • Represented the University of Windsor (ONT) and City of Windsor (ONT) in enhancing cross-border relationships.
  • Led a bi-national effort to develop a better understanding of the storage of petroleum coke along the US-Canada border, garnering national media attention in both countries. 


  • Minimized any damage to the University of Toledo's reputation after a nurse accidently disposed of a kidney during an active transplant surgery.
  • Protected the reputation of the VFW National Home for Children, after a government investigation uncovered an unfortunate pattern of actions by one of their employees that eventually led to their arrest.  
  • Assisted an elected official through government investigations.  
  • Represented the Detroit Wayne County Port Authority during an investigation by the US Department of Homeland security into an employee's background.
  • Successfully counseled a publicly traded medical device company through an FDA advisory committee hearing that included media training. 
  • Successfully reduced sanctions for Sigma Delta Tau after their rush was revoked for participating in a winter break activity.
  • Provided strategic counsel to an art gallery and cruise ship art auction company, who was the target of an Inside Edition story.


  • Created a public relations strategy for Guardian Industries, a global leader in glass manufacturing, and secured media placements in influential trade publications. 
  • Created national public relations strategy for Cassidy Turley, a commercial real estate service firm.
  • Developed a national PR strategy for Vistage International, positioning their CEO as a national thought leader on small business issues, through the release of a quarterly CEO index, leading to consistent coverage in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNBC, TheStreet.com and The New York Times.



  • Secured local and national media attention for Detroit Denim, including spots on CNBC, which led to a segment on CNBC's "The Profit".
  • Garnered national media attention for The Ann Arbor Art Fair, one of the largest art fairs in North America, along with a number of other art fairs.
  • Secured non-traditional national media for Marco Andretti, the 2006 Indy Racing League Rookie of the Year, in publications such as: The New York Times, Brandweek, Teenmag.com and Seventeen in an effort to secure new sponsors.
  • Secured pre and post national media exposure for The New York Times Salute Our Heroes career fair and job expo, in Chicago, with national and local news outlets, including: The Associated Press, Chicago Tribune, Paul Harvey, the Voice of America and others. 
  • Successfully secured national and local media attention for JARC for building the nation’s first-known green and barrier free home in the: Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, Associated Press, Chicago Tribune, EcoHome Magazine, WDIV NBC (Detroit), and USA Today.


  • Served as the attorney and spokesman for Mackinac Island, Mich., during a dispute with the ferry operators serving the Island, and created a media relations plan to support the litigation team before the courts and Public Service Commission. 
  • Secured language in the FY08 Defense Authorization bill (H.R. 1585, House Rpt. 110-471) prohibiting the Department of Dense from not only selling F-14 parts, but also "any tolling or dies used in the manufacture of such aircraft or parts."
  • Secured federal funding for the Detroit Windsor Tunnel to expand its footprint, and worked to exclude the Tunnel from state legislation, creating a new border authority in Michigan. 
  • Coordinated a regional border initiative, resulting in 145 additional customs and immigration agents, and the deployment of the Michigan National Guard, at the Michigan/Ontario border.


  • Managed press operations and secured event coverage for Sustainable Brands and Independent Sector. 


  • Facilitated an urban transit strategy, involving locally elected officials, that was overwhelmingly approved by voters, after a county-wide initiative failed a few years earlier. 
  • Lead convener of the MI Behavioral Health & Wellness Collaborative, a group of 18 community mental health providers focused on strengthening their position and profile in the State of Michigan.


Please take a moment to   write a review   on  Google . 

Please take a moment to write a review on Google

On behalf of WWJ, thank you for your efforts in working with us and helping us whenever possible. We appreciate you answering our questions at all hours of the day and night and being available.
— Rob Davidek, News Director WWJ 950-AM
The article you published in the electronic newspaper went to the CEO of Shikun & Binui who was so happy with it, he sent the article to the entire management team. It was very important!!!! Well done.
— Eran Eizik, Shikun & Binui
Dan has very good economic development and political connections in Michigan and beyond, which he leverages well for strategic communications and business connections for his clients.
— Karolyn Hart, Vice President, Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation

Secured media in local, national and trade media, including:


The North Coast Blog

The North Coast Blog

Relationships Matter!

Along the shores of America’s North Coast I work to develop meaningful relationships through insight and advocacy. This is my chance to offer advice and commentary on trends in the industry that will help you protect and enhance your reputation. I will offer insight into the media covering your issues and my thoughts and insight on Detroit and the North Coast. At times, I may focus on other issues to help you think critically, anticipate change and make decisions that help move you forward.

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Your accomplishments on this team have left a tremendous footprint and will be long-lasting.
— Bridget Kavanaugh, Crain’s Communications
Dan, the editorial is fantastic! Thanks for the brilliant idea and execution.
— Ann Kalass, Starfish Family Services CEO
Daniel, Thank you for providing the data, explaining it, etc. It’s much appreciated.
— Sarah E. Needleman
, Small Business Editor & Reporter, 
The Wall Street Journal

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