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Hiring PR Counsel

VFW Interview

  1. Have the lawyer retain the PR firm as opposed to your client directly, to try to preserve attorney-client privilege, if permissible.
  2. The public relations counsel should consult with both the client and attorney at every step of the process.
  3. Once a public relations firm is engaged, they will, depending on the strategy: help with messaging and identify the appropriate media to communicate those messages or even act as your client’s spokesperson. They also should monitor the media and find ways to enhance, protect and further your client’s reputation.
  4. The best PR counsel comes from a lawyer who practices PR



Raising money to raise awareness and find a cure for multiple sclerosis

Every year, we are inundated with emails soliciting us to make a financial contribution to a political campaign, and each year we receive solicitations like this, asking to support a charity or event due to a friend’s personal involvement. This one is no exception and I hope you will make a contribution using this link  (Team MTC). Six years ago (April 16, 2007), just months after the birth of our third child, my wife was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or MS. At the time, she was tired, but who wouldn't be as a new mother of three children, all under 3, at the time. But then her vision became blurred, and then she could not see in one eye. Her body also ached and tingled from head-to-toe.

From the beginning, she received immediate treatment and receives monthly treatments to this day. While she still gets tired and some symptoms reappear at times, she is fabulous and from looking at her you would not know she has MS -- but she does.

She is an amazing individual who not only works full-time and takes care of our children (and me), she makes herself available to other young moms who have been recently diagnosed, and serves as an inspirational role model, mentor and hero to anyone who meets her.

Since we started raising money for the MS Society, we have been one of the top individual and team fundraisers, THANKS to your support. We have worked with our friends and family to raise additional money in Canada, Missouri, New York, Switzerland and other states and countries, and I hope you will make a contribution and join us in finding a cure.

This walk has become our family tradition. It is something we look forward to in an effort to raise money for a cause that has become personal and also an opportunity to teach our children the importance of supporting a community.

For this year's walk, my wife will be in London, England, visiting her sister who just had a baby, but that will not keep me from walking with my children (now 9, 8 & 6) in honor of their mom and the thousands of other moms and dads living with MS.

I hope you will support our effort and donate to the MS Society using the link in this email and clicking on my name, DANIEL CHERRIN or our team, TEAM MTC.

They are close to finding a cure. According to my wife's doctor, "It will be in her lifetime." With your support it will. This month alone, the FDA approved an oral medication. Before then, medications were delivered through injections or intravenously. So we are making progress, thanks to you.

In advance, THANK YOU for your interest and more importantly, THANK YOU for your support.

Best wishes,


About MS

MS and the challenges of living with its unpredictable symptoms affect millions of people. Multiple sclerosis interrupts the flow of information between the brain and the body and it stops people from moving. Every hour in the United States, someone is newly diagnosed with MS, a disease of the central nervous system. Symptoms range from numbness and tingling to blindness and paralysis. The progress, severity and specific symptoms of MS in any one person cannot yet be predicted, but advances in research and treatment are moving us closer to a world free of MS.

To learn more visit:



A Road Map To Moving Forward - It includes you!

With the recent State of the Union, State of the State, County and City, we now know where our elected leaders want to lead us. Each has laid out their vision for where they want us to go. Now it is up to us to help them. Whether we support their agenda or not, we each have a role in seeing our Nation, State, County and City succeed. It will only succeed if we give our opinion, show our support for specific issues or voice our opinions against regulations or legislation should it negatively impact your family, business or industry.

How do you do that?  This morning, I gave a similar presentation to the Michigan Society of Association Executives (MSAE) Association Management Academy at the American Concrete Institute and here is what I told them:

1.Figure out why you to to become more engaged in the political/legislatie process.  Does it fit into your mission or strategic plan? Are your members asking for it? Is your industry affected by legislation?

2. Learn about the legislative process, how the legislature works, How a Bill Becomes a Law (SchoolHouseRock) and what role lobbyists play (ThankYou For Not Smoking) in addition to other outside influences (Distinguished Gentleman).

3. Know the regulations and laws that impact lobbying, advocacy, campaign finance and ethics and why those laws were created in the first place. (Casino Jack)

Some useful resources include: ASAE; Clerk of the U.S. House; Secretary of the Senate; Senate/House Ethics Committee; or, your Secretary of State.
4. Know what your issues are. Begin to create an issues matrix to help identify the issue and prioritize them.
5. Identify the resources you can use to engage lawmakers in a discussion about the issues important to your members, industry
or business.
6. Get to know those whom you elected. You may or may not have voted for them, but they did get elected. So take the time to meet them, learn about them and teach them about the issues you care about.
7. Know what their agenda is. In Michigan, right now the legislative agenda is full of issues involving Jobs, People & Good Government. Knowing what the issues are will help open the door to solid discussions between you and those ultimately deciding on what the laws will be.

8. Become relevant. Knowing the agenda and staying on top of the news cycle will help your issues remain relevant. Provide the local angle to a national problem, take the legislative agenda in Lansing, Columbus or Albany and show others how it will impact you locally.

9. Become an expert. Lawmakers are pulled in too many directions with too little time to fully read and understand the legislative issues they are voting on (for the most part). By knowing the issues.

10. Proactively develop relations with lawmakers and like-minded organizations that can support you and your agenda and likewise you support theirs.

Relationships help empower people to act and it is important to develop those strategic relationships early.  To view the presentation vist: Helping Associations Create Government Relations Program.

*For education purposes only. Please consult an attorney for any legal advice. This post does not create an attorney-client relationship.



Sustain a move-ment

As Republicans and Democrats convene their conventions this month to affirm or select new leadership, one thing is certain, both parties need to work harder at building a brand and sustaining a movement. A ‘move-ment’ is a series of organized activities towards a common objective.

How do you create a movement – With just one big idea.

That idea should be simple.  It should be something that you and others can be passionate about.

Now that you the idea, you now need to get people to care about it. And it also will need its own identity to give people something to talk about.

Now its time to “Ignite the Movement,” and provide even more reasons to talk about it.

From a political party perspective, to sustain a movement, everyone should be on the same page. The House and Senate Caucuses should work in sync with the established party so that everyone is working to compliment the other, reinforce the messages, engage the public and build a movement by getting people who are interested engaged.

The American Electorate is frustrated with politics as usual, the name-calling and the lack of progress in state capitols and in Congress. Instead of being against what the other party is for, each party should create a platform to engage the other side in a solution-based discussion about where to agree and where to move on.

I recently read that “a credible idea makes people believe. An emotional idea gets people to care.’  Given the right agenda, Democrats and Republicans can create the right stories to bring outsiders inside their movement and in the end they will get the right people to act to help us all move forward.



Measuring Progress in Social Media and Public Relations

In any marketing campaign, it is important that your team sets goals before you measure success. In creating goals, look first to your business goals. This should be done from the first meeting with your public relations or marketing agency. Your agency should provide you with results on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on the structure of your agency/client relationship.

  • Measure media with quality not quantity or AVE
  • Understand how others change as a result of PR gained

Success, should not be based on the number of:

  • Press Releases
  • Byline Articles
  • Meetings/Interviews
  • Even Opportunties missed
  • Mentions
  • Likes/Follows
  • Speaking engagements
  • Events
  • Awards
  • Article tone
  • SEO Ranking
  • Blog responses
  • Competitor Comparisons

Success should instead be based if your business objectives are being met.



5 Reasons You Know It's Time To Buy A New Car

Car RepairOver the past three years, I have spent a lot of time going back and forth to the service department at my local dealership, trying to get various problems fixed with my car. Today, we finally purchased a new vehicle and here are 5 reasons why I was ready to sell my car:

  1. I became the Mayor of the service department via FourSquare.
  2. I am the only person to "like" my service department on Facebook.
  3. I know all the service managers by first name.
  4. The service department replaced Starbuck's as my first place to stop for a cup of coffee in the morning.
  5. The Service Managers now call me to trouble-shoot vehicles coming in.

Hopefully, with this new vehicle, someone else will become Mayor and others will like them on Facebook. However, I did learn some valuable lessons from the Service Department for my public relations firm:

  1. Service still matters and for some agencies, it helps them stand out from the competition.
  2. Communications is important. You want to know what's is gong with your car as clients want to know what is going on with their file - so make sure you touch-base with them on a regular basis.
  3. Follow up is vital. Just because your car made it out of the service department does end the relationship. It is important to follow through to see how the car is doing or how the project is moving along.

Just a few lessons on agency-client relations from the service department at the car dealership.



5 Social Media Tips For Workers In Wake of NLRB Ruling

The National Labor Relations Board (#NLRB) has recently declared, through a series of rulings, advisories and memos, that employers cannot fire their employees for what they post on line.  However, here are a five tips for workers to think about in posting on line:

  1. We are watching you. Your employer and other co-workers are most likely following you on line, so they know what you are saying about them.
  2. Don’t post anything that you would not want someone to find, whether it is your children, your parents or a future employer.
  3. Before you turn to social media to complain or vent, try to step back before reacting.
  4. If you go negative at least be constructive.
  5. If you have something to say, say it, but don’t dwell on it.

Social Media



5 Social Media Tips For Companies In Wake of NLRB Ruling

The National Labor Relations Board (#NLRB) has recently declared, through a series of rulings, advisories and memos, that employers cannot fire their employees for what they post on line.  However, here are a few tips for companies to think about as their employers turn to social media:

  1. Have a social media policy outlining exactly what you expect your employees to post on line, reminding them to keep private information private.
  2. If you already have a social media policy, review it and revise it.
  3. Have someone monitor social media activity both internally and externally.
  4. Respond to posts that need to be responded to in a timely way.
  5. Turn negative chatter into positive and constructive dialogue. social-media-love


Reinventing Michigan


Reinventing Michigan


This evening, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder delivered Michigan's State of the State Address. An outline of his remarks can be found here. He continued on his them of "Reinventing Michigan," and focused on three core areas:

  • Jobs;
  • People; and,
  • Good Government.

While he talked about his achievements from the past year, tonights address was focused on giving his vision for 2013 and provide a road map for the legislature to help him "Reinvent Michigan," focused in the same three areas I listed above.


In 2013, Governor Snyder will focus on bolstering Michigan's infrastructure by fixing our roads and paying for them and building a new border crossing between Michigan and Ontario. This summer, he will work to bring together political leaders from around the Great Lakes Basin to focus on finding ways to preserve our Great Lakes, as a region. And by December, Governor Snyder will address issues related to public land and renewable energy.

Also under JOBS, Snyder will address the issue of education in the state and focus on providing students the choice of shaping their own education while addressing the needs of Michigan's failing schools. He also provided support for creative options to ensure that all children have access to a pre-school education.

He also is giving greater focus to Michigan financial services and insurance industry and earlier today created a new department to focus on that issue alone. He also created a new Veteran's Affairs agency that will focus on caring for Michigan's Veterans and ensuring they have opportunities to find a job upon returning from service or buying or protecting their home.


Snyder will also look at addressing the issue of mental health and is searching for creative ideas to deal with this issue states are now starting to grapple with. He will work to strengthen neighborhoods and build communities.


While also finding ways to make our public officials and those doing business with the state and local governments more accountable through ethics reform, campaign finance and changes in how local elections are administered.


  • If you want the best, buy a Michigan product.
  • A year of summits.
  • Use common sense and get it done.
  • Thus is our opportunity.
  • Success stories.
  • Creative solutions.
  • Work together.
  • No blaming.
  • Look forward.
  • Creating a better path for our kids and their kids.

And of course, doing all this with, "Relentless positive action."  Now, let's get out there and "get the job done."



A Tale of Two Cities - Las Vegas and Detroit

In Detroit, progress has arrived with the latest innovations in electronics and automotive This week, two industries collide – automotive with electronics. In Las Vegas, the latest technological innovations in electronics are being revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), including the latest tablets and readers, smart phones, video gaming systems, televisions and computers. While in Detroit the latest innovations and designs in the automotive industry are being revealed at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), including cars with start/stop technology and technology that boosts gas mileage, keeps you connected or helps avoids accidents, such as Ford SYNC.  In fact, while CES is all about electronics, the automotive industry is generating a big presence in Las Vegas.

For example, while the auto show is set to open in Detroit, General Motors (in collaboration with LG) unveiled MyLink, an in-dash system for the Chevy Sonic and Spark, which is designed to use a smartphone's apps to access cloud based content and navigation.  Mercedes-Benz introduced Drive Style, a new iPhone app that will sync with their 2013 models and appear on an in-dash display. And Roximty, an app made exclusively for Ford's Sync provides the driver with real-time discounts that are based on one's geo-location and personal preferences.

Both events are receiving international attention for the amazing innovations they reveal. However, unlike CES, the Auto Show is really Detroit’s turn to show its true colors as to what makes the Motor City great. Most of the designs and technology we see in an automobile are Made in Detroit, unlike the technology and designs that are being revealed in a tablet, smartphone, laptop or television.

Despite being known as the Motor City, Detroit did not become the automotive capital of the world just because all the car companies decided to locate here. It was because of individual entrepreneurs such as Henry Ford, Henry Leland and Ransom Olds each had an idea that led Detroit, to not only house a company, but allowed Detroit to create an industry -- An industry that also has led to innovations in health care, defense, advanced manufacturing, alternative energy and electronics.

What also makes Detroit unique is that not only do we have the talent and minds to drive innovation we have the talent and hands of the skilled laborers who can actually put it together.

The Motor City, Detroit and Detroit Rock City is a place that has led the nation in innovation. However, this city’s strengths are not only from its manufacturing muscle, it really stems from its people. From the time Chief Cadillac first landed on our shore, which became America’s Fresh Water Coast, to creating the stoves that cooked our food, the ships that ran on our seas, to railroad cars and now the automobile, it is the people of this region that drive the innovations we now use everyday.

Detroit is a tough city and Detroiters are even tougher.  You see, Panics and Depressions are nothing new to us. With each economic challenge comes economic opportunity and a chance to reinvent ourselves. In fact, with World War II, it was Detroit that ceased making cars from 1942 to 1945 and converted our car factories into plants creating tanks, jeeps and B-24 bombers, leading our city to become “The Arsenal of Democracy.”


While What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas, what goes on in Detroit helps drive not just the nation’s economy but the entire world economy. In his book, The Comeback, Consumer Electronics Association President Gary Shapiro (who just happens to live in Detroit) says, "Innovation moves us forward as a nation, pushing us to succeed and strive for a better tomorrow. In short, innovation is the American Dream."  Detroit is not just a place where the American Dream of owning your own home, driving not just one car but two and going to college comes true, it is where that American Dream began.


The innovations that are Made in Detroit are not just limited to the car.


  • In 1953, the first machine to allow open-heart surgery, was created in Detroit, as a result of collaborative efforts between General Motors (GM), the United Auto Workers (UAW) and Wayne State University.
  • Six years later, Barry Gordy saw many Detroiters “Dancin in the Street,” and founded Motown, which changed not only what music we enjoy but made significant contribution to the arts in general.


A few years ago, Audi ran an ad campaign about “progress.”  One of the ads said “Progress – it shapes, it changes. It leaves old ways behind. And brings new ways forward. It comes in many forms. The big and the small. The historical and the personal. The social and the scientific. And while we may never see it coming, we most certainly know when it has arrived.”

Progress moves things forward.  It changes our lives. As you visit the 2012 North American International Auto Show, you will see that progress in Detroit has arrived.




4 Tips for Navigating a New Congress and New State Legislature

The robo calls have stopped and I did not receive any campaign literature today. With the  2012 election cycle now over,  we now have a flavor of how the year ahead will begin to shape up from a public policy perspective. Soon, the Democratic and Republican Caucuses will select their leaders and set their agenda for next year, before going back to work for the next several days in their "Lame Duck" session.

As Congress and State Legislators go back to work, here are some tips for preparing for a new legislative session:

  1. Don't sit on the sidelines, be proactive and get aggressive. As we saw over the past 17 months, politics is a contact sport. And while our politicians can talk a good game that "We need to come together and reach across party-lines," there is no doubt, that policy-making is just as divisive as campaigning. So it is important that you get out in front of the issues that affect your business, let your members of Congress or the legislature know how and take a stand to support your industry and your company.
  2. Building relationships with those with the power to influence

    Campaigns are all about education. They are our chance to learn as much as the candidates and their positions or plans as it is their chance to learn about the issues that matter to you and me. If you missed the chance to share your issues with the candidates, it is not too late to get to know them as a Senator-Elect. Send them a handwritten congratulatory note, request that they meet with you at your office or plant before they take office or schedule something shortly after they take their new position and early on in their term to make a memorable impression.

  3. Strengthen ties with those who may remain in power

    It took Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Twitter a few years to realize that they need a strong presence in Washington and in key states, to anticipate issues, where they may be vulnerable and establish relationships with those with the power to influence before they need to influence them on an issue. Likewise, although a number of incumbents recently won their re-election, it is not too late to get to know them, introduce them to your company and start building a relationship with them as well.

  4. Develop a specific policy agenda to advance in the early days of a new government While Congress and most state legislators are getting back to work, what ever they do will be steamrolled through as they try to fit in everything before they leave for the Thanksgiving Recess.  So if you do not have any issues in the hopper, spend this time planning and preparing for next year. Begin to create your agenda. What issues will you support next year or which issues will you bring to ones attention. Then create the road map to building support and cultivating relationships to use legislative and regulatory solutions to meet your business objectives.

Public Affairs rests at the intersection of Wall Street, Main Street & K Street. A Public Affairs Counselor can help you navigate the treacherous waters of Congress or a legislature. They not only have the relationships to anticipate risk but have the tools to help manage reputation risks given the changing policy and political landscape.

Now more than ever, the success of a company not only rests in part on the world economy, but also through government oversight and government regulation, special interests, and media scrutiny.

U.S. companies and CEOs typically search out a government relations firm or a public relations agency for support and guidance when in fact they should be searching for a public affairs firm that can create and implement multi-channel strategies across each discipline of law, policy, media relations and politics.

For example, lobbyists seek policy and political solutions, Lawyers seek legal and regulatory remedies and public relations counselors seek to debate the issue in the media or now on Twitter. Public Affairs is a discipline that offers a wider net of tools to engage key stakeholders. And it offers a more pro-active approach to engage key influencers in a broader discussion of the issues.

A public affairs strategy involves identifying, assessing, prioritizing and responding to both opportunities and risks that emerge from Congress or the Legislature or even through public discourse.

CEOs may choose to respond to such opportunities and/or risks by seeking to influence that policy through one-on-one meetings; through coalition building or in the media. At least they are choosing to response.

Elections Come and Election Go & Yet Our Issues Remain. So now that we know who we need to influence it is time that we empower ourselves with tools to engage in positive changes that affect our companies bottom line.




Don’t say anything you couldn’t or wouldn’t say in court, and  just stick to the facts.

For example:

  • The claim, offense or defense involved
  • Information contained in a public record
  • That an investigation of a matter is in progress
  • Undisputable facts

A litigation communications plan blends both legal expertise and media savvy, by helping to frame messages during the litigation to help preserve, protect and enhance the reputation of the parties. It also helps to monitor what others are saying about the case and the company and works to control the message, address concerns and build relationships to help the company emerge from the litigation with its reputation intact. An effective litigations communications strategy, works to enhance legal efforts by providing clarity on complex legal issues, before and after litigation. The goal of litigation communications is to guarantee that the client's public image is completely aligned with the legal team's efforts and strategy, while ensuring the company's message is understood outside the courtroom.



5 tips in creating a social media policy

Protect intellectual property.Never place proprietary information on-line

Respect copyrights and fair use. Always give people proper credit for their work and make you have permission to publish something.

Be responsible for what you write. Avoid language that could be considered defamatory, harassing or indecent. Before you hit send, ask, "Do I want my mom to see this?"

Bring value to the discussion. To build a following you need to bring something to the table so make your contribution significant and meaningful.

Be open, honest and authentic. Include your name, if appropriate the company and make statements in complete disclosure of any potential bias.



Does it pass the skim test? 7 Tips to Stay Relevant On Line

Who has time to read everything we receive? From email, in the mail and on-line. In fact, who can read it at all with most of us now getting our news on our smart phones or tablets. So now if writing 140 characters were not enough we need to write as if the reader is only half reading what we are posting. A 2007 study from the Poynter Institute, found that the average visitor to a website only reads 20 percent of the words on a page. A 2007 study from the Poynter Institute found that the average visitor to a website only reads 20 percet of the words on a page. I know I just repeated that sentence but I wanted to include it again just in case you read only a few of the words. Visitors also spend on average 10 seconds or less on a website. So with those statistics in mind, how do you pass the skim test?

  • Focus on the headlines - make sure you include the gist of your article in the headline.
  • Link - Keep your landing pages clean and just link to other places on your site. This includes emails too.
  • Use bullets - Break up paragraphs with bullets
  • Use pictures - Pictures today tell more than words. We can look at a picture and if it piques our interest, we will learn more
  • Use video - Instead of reading something, we like to listen to it.
  • Tell the reader what you want them to take away but identifying it up front in bullets.
  • Create a .pdf that they can just link to or print to read later



When your reputation is attacked

When your reputation is attacked on line, such as a rating on a website, on social media or elsewhere, by a known person or by an anonymous source, here are something action steps you should take to protect your reputation:

  • Follow the electronic trail to uncover posters identify.  You can try to do this on our your own or there are computer forensic experts that can assist in the investigation
  • Monitor – There are a number of free resources to use.

Regardless, you should have a plan in place to be able to respond to any attack and be prepared to respond or mobilize immediately.



I don't want you to only LIKE ME anymore

I want you to more than like me….Runners and cyclists share a common bond for the love and enjoyment of their sport. And although the runner or cyclist approach each other may be strangers, they will most likely exchange a nod, a wave or a greeting - hi. In an age when we want others to like us, friend us or follow us, we are still missing that personal connection.  We may ask you to like us, but we are not giving you reasons why? From now on, I want you to more than "like me" or just "follow me". I want us to become engaged in conversation and debate. I want to learn from you and you from me. And I want something to happen. Therefore, through social media, I will ask questions and advice, offer samples or incentives, seek direction or reassurance. I also will try to meet with you in person, one-on-one and look for every opportunity to re-establish ways to move beyond "like".



The issues Detroit faces as a city must be addressed with systemic solutions

In resolving problems plauging cities such as Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago or Cleveland, city, business, religious and community leaders must look at the 'big picture." Rather then look at issues such as crime, unemployment or vacant property individually, we need to look at the whole package if we are to truly tackle these issues and move forward.  



Your reputation under attack – Risk management and other ways to dispel threats and limit exposure

Risk is inherent in anything we do. Send an email to the wrong person, hire the wrong contractor or give an employee too much independence. Standard risk management tools such as insurance or diversification are no help when the damage is already done publicly. Most risks can be managed, but businesses often overlook how to manage risk in the public’s eye. What precautions can business take to make sure they can manage any crisis with their reputation intact?

The Endleman Trust Barometer found that when a company is trusted, 51% of the stakeholders will believe positive information about the company after hearing it just once or twice.

In today’s world, successful companies will include those that understand how to navigate in uncertain times. Disasters, politics and economic uncertainty will continue to dominate the agenda

According to a recent article in The Strategist, a PRSA publication, companies will not hesitate to protect their core business assets and physical infrastructure, and now they are investing more in protecting their reputation than before.

The article points to a recent survey that highlights protecting a company’s reputation. It says that to protect your critical infrastructure you need to establish your core before a crisis arises and respond promptly.

The survey was conducted by Weber Shandwick and they interviewed 19 crisis-tested lawyers, corporate and general counsel and outside lawyers, as well as CMOs in industries ranging from financial services to consumer products.

The common thread among these stakeholders was the value in protecting ones reputation, and preparation is the key.

In the past, we were told to plan for the unknown.  But if you can plan for something than it is avoidable. So the companies that are most prepared to deal with any crisis are the companies that have created a culture that can help pinpoint a problem before it becomes a problem. This includes: building relations, instituting a process by which problems surface in a timely manner for any necessary response.

For example,

  • A company can give employees incentives to bring potential problems to senior managers as they arise;
  • Companies need systems in place before a crisis occurs to learn about the crisis and respond accordingly and directly.

Establish relationships between lawyers and communications counsel early in the process.  You do not want to have to make new friends in a crises – you should know all the players and know who does what.

So work hard to create a collaborative culture where your team knows each other, how they work and what they will need should a crisis happen.  It will also help ease the tension between lawyer and communicator, when cooperation and community will be the key.

Know everyone’s role and responsibility, Communicators want transparency and to have the resources to respond quickly. Lawyers want to protect their clients legally and not expose them further to risk. Communicators want to be proactive, lawyers want to weigh all the facts and do not want to talk to the media.  Lawyers keep us out of trouble and communicators push the envelope to make sure their client’s reputation is protected.

Through closer working relationships, the survey found, tension can be minimized to allow greater focus on the actual work.



Politics is about change.

Change is the very essence of campaigns and public affairs. As a public affairs specialist, who just happens to be a lawyer, I help guide companies through the constantly changing regulatory, legislative and political landscape. With any election, we will see new political leaders, which with their own agenda. With greater budgetary pressure; intense public scrutiny and our own vulnerability to to increased use of social media, it is important to have someone monitoring what is trending in state capitals throughout the U.S., developing the relationships and engaging others in a discussion as to what is important to you, your company and to the industry.

Elections are about change. It is important that those elected know what is important to you.



Seeking a job working for a Michigan Non Profit?

Donated Dental Services (DDS) Coordinator (Okemos)Full time position- Coordinates state local Donated Dental Services (DDS) Program, providing case management for people who are disabled, elderly or medically at-risk and cannot afford comprehensive Dental Treatment for severe dental problems. Essential Duties: 1. Processes applications. Conducts telephone intake interviews and appropriate follow up with applicants to determine eligibility. 2. For each person accepted forwards information about the patient for volunteer dentist to consider for treatment. Refers to specialists as appropriate to case. 3. Monitors progress during treatment; intervenes as necessary to resolve problems. Performs case management functions and assures that process goes well for both the clients and the dentists. 4. Makes arrangements for laboratory work, securing donations, including recruitment of new labs on a case by case basis as needed. 5. Records volunteer donation. Maintains computerized files of patients, dentists, labs, and related data and case notes as each case progresses. 6. Communicates effectively and efficiently with clients, volunteers, Dental Lifeline Network staff, and key local stakeholders to assure program goals are met. Qualifications: Education • Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or other human services field preferred. Experience• 2 years experience with elderly people or people with disabilities, preferably in a social services setting. Knowledge/Skills/Abilities • Patience and compassion with less fortunate persons required. • Skilled in written and oral communications.• Skilled and efficient in the organization of one’s work. • Ability to use computer, telephone and other office machines. Send resume and cover letter to

Director of Entrepreneurial Initiatives (Detroit) Southwest Housing Solutions (SWHS) seeks an experienced, results oriented Director of Entrepreneurial Initiatives to lead ProsperUS Detroit, a place-based entrepreneur training and microlending program. Unlike other traditional entrepreneur training programs, ProsperUS Detroit partners with community-based organizations to find untapped talent in neighborhoods, hosts trainings within neighborhoods and connects low-income immigrant and minority entrepreneurs with character-based lending. The Director of Entrepreneurial Initiatives at Southwest Housing Solutions (SWHS), will be the lead staff person for the implementation of the ProsperUS Detroit (formerly the Global Detroit Neighborhood Development Collaborative or GDNDC) program. The director will work closely with senior leadership at Southwest Housing Solutions and external collaborative partners to build and lead a network of community organizations to deliver micro-entrepreneurship training, micro-finance lending, and technical assistance to low-income immigrant, ethnic, and African-American communities in Detroit. To read more about the position, visit Deadline for applications is June 22, 2012. Email resumes to to the attention of Hector Hernandez.

Annual Gifts Coordinator (Traverse City) Exciting career growth opportunity as part of a premier conservation organization in Traverse City, Michigan. Conservation Resource Alliance is a well-established leader in protecting the most beautiful of Michigan’s special places. Building on more than 40 years of excellence, we work with communities and landowners, agencies and businesses, to improve the waterways, forests and lands of northern Michigan. CRA’s office is located in Traverse City, a top destination for recreation, culture, and retirement. Our projects cover a region from Ludington to the Mackinac Bridge, and we enjoy a widening base of support from all over the Great Lakes region. This newly created full-time position is designed to expand the involvement of individuals, families and businesses who share a love of “Up North Michigan.” Top candidates will have a passion for the outdoors, an appreciation for business excellence, and at least 2 years professional experience in fundraising or related business. Experience with donor management software is desirable. As a member of the development team, the Annual Gifts Coordinator will be responsible for donor communications, annual campaigns, events, and coordinating with CRA’s field team, landowners, Board of Directors, and regional partner organizations. Please send letter of inquiry and resume to with a subject line of “Annual Gifts Coordinator Opening.” Alternatively, materials may be mailed to the address found on CRA’s website, where the full job description may also be viewed:

Information Manager (Detroit) Educational non-profit serving the at-risk community looking for an Information Manager, to begin in mid-August. Position will require both administrative and Development responsibilities and has great growth potential. Non-traditional, casual, but professional work environment, with excellent benefit package. Candidate must possess ability to manage all types of external relations (vendors, students, parents, etc.), as well as internal administrative responsibilities, while handling multiple priorities simultaneously. We are a passionate team and are looking for the right person to help share and grown our vision.Minimum qualifications: Associates Degree, Raiser’s Edge experience is a significant advantage, computer, web, social media, vendor management, and/or Development experience. How to Apply: Send cover letter, resume and salary requirements to by July 10. Only applications that include salary requirements will be considered. Visit for full job description.

Finance Director (Lansing) Tri County Office on Aging (TCOA) in Lansing, Michigan is seeking a full time Finance Director to provide financial management and control for the agency. This position oversees the administration of accounting, payroll, budgetary, strategic planning, cash management, government reporting and compliance. Established in 1974, TCOA is an agency that plans and develops services for senior citizens. The mission of the agency is to promote and preserve the independence and dignity of the aging population. The goals to accomplish this mission include:- To help older people function as independently as possible; - To advocate for adequate resources and sound public policy; - To develop and support a comprehensive coordinate system of service; - To increase awareness of aging issues and services; and - To provide support to families assisting aging relatives. For a detailed job posting and instructions on how to apply, please visit the Employment/Volunteer tab at Please email Human Resources at with questions.

Executive Director (Northville) The New Hope Center for Grief Support, a Christian-based non-profit dedicated to providing grief support services to adults and children in Southeastern Michigan, is seeking a committed Christian to serve as Executive Director (“ED”) and lead the organization into the future. Leadership responsibilities include solidifying and implementing a vision to expand the ministry, developing and monitoring the income and expense budget, and overseeing the New Hope (“NH”) staff, which includes a full time Fund Development Director and Business Manager, a part time KIDZ Program Director, and an extensive number of volunteers. The ED works closely with NH’s Board of Directors. New Hope’s services include a series of workshops offered at area churches, presentations at funeral homes, and ongoing support groups, all managed by the ED. The ED meets with churches and funeral homes to schedule workshops and presentations, recruits and trains volunteer speakers and facilitators, and maintains workshop curriculum. Also serve as NH’s primary spokesperson with community organizations and oversees an extensive communications effort, including newsletters, NH’s Web site, and other social media. Formal education in a related field along with significant, successful experience leading a non-profit, volunteer organization, as well as experience with fund development is desirable. Excellent presentation and speaking skills are a must. Send resumes to Nicholas Hopwood at

Executive Director (Grand Rapids) West Michigan Center for Arts & Technology (WMCAT) is a thriving, socially innovative nonprofit dedicated to offering youth and adults hope through career enhancing, life-affirming programs. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director provides overall leadership, management and oversight of the organization, including fundraising and fiscal responsibility. We seek a visionary leader with high integrity and a passion about for WMCAT’s mission. A minimum of five years as a senior level staff with management responsibilities at a nonprofit organization or association is highly desired. Ability to work with professional service providers (such as attorneys, accountants, and computer consultants) desired. Prior experience in meeting fundraising goals and working with a board of directors is strongly preferred. A minimum of a Bachelor's degree is required. WMCAT is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply. Please address a cover letter and resume to Maury Peterson at, no later than July 16, 2012. To view a detailed position description, visit WMCAT Position Specification.

Financial Assistance Coordinator (Southfield) Non-profit health agency invites applications for the position of Financial Assistance Coordinator. Primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to: • Respond to client requests for financial assistance and facilitate the application and approval process; • Work closely with vendors to fulfill client requests including managing vendor contracts and pricing; • Carefully track and record monthly statistics and expenditures; • Research and update community resources for referral database.The successful candidate will have: • Bachelor’s degree in social work, human services or related field; • 2 years of experience in social services environment and experience working with people with disabilities, preferred; • Must be comfortable working with clients, including cognitive, physical or psycho-social limitations, including being able to respond to crisis situations; • Must be meticulous about record-keeping using both computer and hard file systems. • Strong computer skills (Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and previous database experience preferred.) For immediate consideration, interested candidates should submit a cover letter, current resume, and salary requirements to INFO@MIG.NMSS.ORG by June 22, 2012. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to recruiting a diverse pool of candidates. EOE/M/F/D/V.

Executive Director (Holland) Communities First Association-Fulltime position providing leadership and direction for national, faith-based association focused on developing neighborhood based leadership and change through an Asset Based Community Development strategy. Critical areas for outcome/impact activity include systemic justice change, national collaborations, building board and organizational capacity and building donor relationships. Qualifications include BA or MA degree in leadership, management, community development, or related fields and three years experience in program leadership, administration, fund development and supervision. Send cover letter and resume via e-mail to CFA Search Committee c/o Bill Raymond at by July 6, 2012. For more information please see

Grant Writer (Detroit) The Children’s Center. Job Summary: Work with relevant internal and external parties to research and compile information into professional, responsive messages and presentations for submission to viable funding targets Serves as the champion of grant proposal development •Research governmental, foundation and corporate giving programs and coordinate relationship building, creative and technical activities related to prospective grant seeking initiatives •Develop, maintain and evaluate an ongoing stable of historical and prospective grant funders and ensure complete, accurate and timely response to required contact and reporting deadlines •Communicate key grant information to executive, program, finance and resource development staff to ensure seamless response to internal and external relational dynamics and compliance requirements •Work closely with the CFO in the development of initial grant opportunity responses. Qualifications: •Demonstrated ability to write from both a creative and a technical perspective •Experience writing, including professional recognition, publication, and/or blogging to an established audience •Proficient in the use of technology •Detail oriented •Ability to manage multiple projects and meet deadlines. Education: Bachelors Degree preferred. Please email resume and cover letter to

Executive Director (Jackson) The Dahlem Conservancy, located in beautiful Jackson County is a dynamic, growing, financially strong, environmental education organization. We are looking for an energetic individual who can capitalize on our recent growth and success and lead our organization into the next phase of development. The Dahlem Conservancy has a year-round staff of three full-time and nine part-time employees, a budget of $350,000, of which $135,000 is raised through donations and fund raising events, over 300 acres of land, which include a farm, a visitor center, and five miles of trails.Key Skills • Visionary with good organizational skills; • Success in fundraising, partnering and public relations; • Dynamic extemporaneous speaker who can engage people; • High energy, ability to prioritize, excellent communication skills; • Sound management skills; • Ability to cultivate donors; • Willingness to engage and participate with other community organizations; • Commitment to the role of education in the conservation of natural resources.• Serve as chief executive officer of The Dahlem Conservancy; • Maintain a current and active strategic plan, and implement goals; • Be able to utilizing the Benevon model to develop more sustainable funding.Minimum Qualifications: • Demonstrated leadership in a non-profit organization, including management and supervisory experience.• BS/BA in related field; Masters Degree or equivalent experience preferred.Submit a cover letter and resume that clearly communicate qualifications and salary requirements, and a list of three references, to: Victor Marshall, Search Chair, The Dahlem Conservancy 7117 S. Jackson Rd. Jackson, MI 49201 E-mail: Review of applications begins on July 15, 2012. Salary and benefits based on preferred qualifications and experience. The Dahlem Conservancy is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Finance Director (Detroit) SUMMARY: Establishes and directs the overall administration, coordination and evaluation of the Accounting function through continuous communication with Agency Leadership. Possesses proven ability to manage priorities effectively and efficiently. POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES: Guide financial decisions by establishing, monitoring, and administering organizational policies and procedures to ensure compliance with state and federal requirements and statutes. Prepare annual organization budget by establishing schedules: collecting, analyzing, and consolidating financial data; recommending plans. Create financial statements, business activity reports, financial position forecasts, annual budgets, and tax returns. Develop and maintain relationships with banking, insurance, and non-organizational accounting personnel to facilitate financial activities. Monitor financial activities and details such as reserve levels to ensure that all legal and regulatory requirements are met. Monitor grant reporting and appropriate release of temporarily restricted funds Other duties as assigned. EDUCATION, TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE: Bachelor’s Degree required and six to ten years progressive accounting experience preferably within non profit organizations. Must have experience with A133 audits and managing restricted and non restricted funds. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: The ideal candidate will embrace teamwork and posses excellent interpersonal skills while being technically proficient. This individual must be flexible, comfortable working with others, committees, and presenting financial materials.SALARY: Negotiable; Please include salary expectations in your cover letter. Interested candidates please email cover letter and resume to

Community Engagement Manager (Southfield MI) The Michigan Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society invites applications for the position of Community Engagement Manager. This team member is responsible for coordinating the recruitment, interviewing, placement, training, supervision, and recognition of volunteers and interns throughout the Chapter, as well as providing management and oversight of the Chapter’s Do-It-Yourself (DIY) events and Marathon Strides Against MS (MSAMS) campaign.The successful candidate will have: •Bachelor’s degree or equivalent; •Minimum of 3 years related work experience with proven recruiting experience a plus, preferably in a volunteer environment; •Excellent written and oral communication skills including the ability to work easily and effectively with the public; •Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office products and the ability to maintain and utilize a database; •Candidate must be able to work some evenings and weekends and must be willing to travel throughout the state. The chapter offers a competitive salary and benefits package. For immediate consideration, interested candidates should submit a cover letter, current resume, and salary requirements to by June 15, 2012. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to recruiting a diverse pool of candidates. EOE/M/F/D/V

Volunteer Manager (Detroit) Forgotten Harvest. Summary of Responsibilities: Develops and implements volunteer programs. Responsible for planning, coordinating and managing all volunteer program activities, with an emphasis on fundraising and food program activities. Responsibilities: •Develop and implement a volunteer program •Recruit and develop volunteers who can respond to the needs of Forgotten Harvest •Develop and maintain connections and networks within the community to form effective partnerships to ensure a steady flow of volunteers •Develop systems for recruitment, training, placement, supervision and evaluation of volunteers •Develop a handbook for volunteers •Track volunteer activity and targeted outcome expectation •Prepare reports and statistics for monthly, quarterly, year-end reports •Flexibility to work evenings and weekends as required •Develop program to fundraise with volunteer groups •Work with operations staff to enhance volunteer experience. Requirements: •Bachelor’s degree required •5 years of experience in a non-profit organization •Knowledge of volunteer recruitment and volunteer management and organizational skills •Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variable in situations where only limited standardization exists. •Ability to work independently to achieve expected outcomes of volunteer projects •Experience in computer skills including Microsoft Office, calendar maintenance, Word, Excel, and data reporting •Performs other duties as assigned •Ability to coordinate multiple volunteer groups and activities at the same time •Ability to work with diverse groups of people. Please email resume and cover letter to

Executive Director (Frankfort) Oliver Art Center (Elizabeth Lane Oliver Center for the Arts) is seeking a full-time Executive Director. The position includes: operations and facilities management, financial responsibilities, programming, marketing, and fundraising. Candidates must possess skills in oral and written communication, computer applications, planning, public relations and grant writing. Please submit letter of interest and resume to: Oliver Art Center, PO Box 1513, Frankfort, MI 49635 by July 25, 2012. Salary range $26,000-$30,000. View the current job description:

Administrative Assistant (Southfield) •Reports to the Executive Director of the Southfield Community Foundation, Inc. (“Foundation”).•Provides assistance to the Executive Director with emphasis in supporting the marketing and bookkeeping functions of the Foundation.Specific responsibilities include:1.Preparation and disbursement of marketing materials -consulting with the appropriate Committees;-design, modification and disbursement of marketing materials such as brochures, newsletters, invitations and annual reports etc; -implementing a computerized database of contributors, other non-profit organizations, professional advisers and other community foundations -disbursement of large mailings -maintaining the Foundation’s website 2.Documentation of receipt of gifts -bank deposit slips, photocopies, and physically making deposits -preparing and sending acknowledgement letters -filing appropriate supporting documentation 3.Other activities -preparing agendas and minutes for meetings; -maintaining a basic knowledge of the other activities of the Foundation; -answering the telephone and serving as the front person for the office; -picking up and dropping off mail and other basic office functions; -assisting the Executive Director with any other Foundation activity that may be deemed necessary. -Organizing and coordinating the Youth Advisory Committee. Skills required: -interest in the community -demonstrated written and communication skills proficiency with computer word processing, accounting, database and desktop publishing software -basic clerical skills -excellent people skills -highly energetic and self-starter -attention to detail This is a part time position (15 hours per week). No Phone calls.

Manager of Meetings & Events (St. Clair Shores) Lupus Alliance of America - Michigan Indiana Affiliate. Reports to: Executive Director Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, communications or related field required. Three to five years’ experience with supervising program management, preferably in nonprofits. Demonstrated proficiency developing meetings and events. Excellent verbal and written skills sufficient to communicate with donors, supporters, board members, LAAMI members and customers. Must be able to work in a small team environment, set priorities and meet deadlines. Microsoft Office abilities required. Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) or Certification in Meeting Management (CMM) preferred. Must work effectively and make sound, independent decisions. Must have reliable transportation. Essential Responsibilities and Job Functions: 1. Develops processes and logistics for all of the organization’s programs and events, including an annual golf outing, monthly support group meetings and an annual symposium 2. Develops, coordinates and manages registration and onsite support for events as well as monitors budget for all external programming. 3. Works with vendors, volunteers, sponsors, and staff in logistical planning for advocacy walks, legislative discussions, networking events and fundraising opportunities. 4. Develops timelines and budgets to ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and economically. Contact Information If interested, please send resume, salary requirements, cover letter, and letter(s) of recommendation to: Frank Mortl, III Lupus Alliance of America – Michigan Indiana Affiliate 26507 Harper Avenue St. Clair Shores, MI 48081 800-705-6677

Manager of Marketing & Communications (St. Clair Shores) Lupus Alliance of America - Michigan Indiana Affiliate. Reports to: Executive Director Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, business or related field required. Three to five years’ experience with supervising marketing and communications, preferably in nonprofits. Experience with website content management systems, Constant Contact or other email programs. Proficient at using social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and SEO marketing. Demonstrated verbal and written skills sufficient to communicate with board members, LAAMI members and customers. Must be able to work in a small team environment, set priorities and meet deadlines. Proficiency using Microsoft Office required. Computer literacy and an understanding of professional IT, mobile apps and HTML knowledge preferred. Must work effectively and make sound, independent decisions. Must have reliable transportation. Essential Responsibilities and Job Functions: This position manages visibility of the organization through communications, branding, and membership interactions as well as creates strategic exchanges with targeted supporters. 1. Develops and executes marketing programs that promote and create awareness of the organization’s image and services 2. Coordinates public relations announcements within the community and related news sources 3. Oversees, manages and supports the updating of all social media and the organization’s website 4. Develops timelines and budgets to ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and economically Contact Information: If interested, please send resume, salary requirements, cover letter, and letter(s) of recommendation to: Frank Mortl, III Lupus Alliance of America – Michigan Indiana Affiliate 26507 Harper Avenue St. Clair Shores, MI 48081 800-705-6677

Vice-President, Medical Operations (Ann Arbor) Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan provides quality healthcare to over 70,000 patients in a service area that encompasses 31 counties, 17 health centers, and 83% of the state’s population. PPMSM is seeking the following: VICE-PRESIDENT, MEDICAL OPERATIONS Reporting to the President/CEO, the VP for Medical Operations is principally responsible for providing strategic planning and operational leadership germane to the organization’s patient base, market share, and revenue. This includes developing new market initiatives and analyzing business opportunities that yield revenue generation and result in sustainable growth. In collaboration with senior management, this role is critical in executing the business functions of the medical department consistent with PPMSM’s mission, values, goals, and objectives.Please visit our website at for a complete job description.Qualifications: •A Bachelor’s Degree in business administration, health administration or a related discipline plus a minimum of seven to ten years of relevant experience with progressively responsible management duties, or an equivalent combination of education and experience is required. •One to three year’s experience at the senior management level required. MBA or Master’s degree preferred. In addition to competitive salaries, PPMSM offers outstanding health and welfare benefits including medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance and a 403B. PPMSM also offers paid-time off to full and part-time benefit eligible employees. Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan is an Equal Opportunity Employer PPMSM is a drug-free workplace employer and performs pre-employment substance abuse testing.

Medical Administration Manager (Ann Arbor) Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan provides quality healthcare to over 70,000 patients in a service area that encompasses 31 counties, 17 health centers, and 83% of the state’s population. PPMSM is seeking the following: MEDICAL ADMINISTRATION MANAGER. The Medical Administration Manager provides support for leadership positions in the Medical Business Unit by leading and coordinating administrative work, projects and staff. Performs various administrative functions requiring in-depth knowledge of departmental programs, operations and services, PPMSM policies and procedures. Please visit our website at for a complete job description. Qualifications: •Bachelor’s degree in the area of Communications, Health Management, Health Sciences or a related field plus two to three years minimum work experience in a medical setting supporting medical leadership staff required. •One year of supervisory experience required. In addition to competitive salaries, PPMSM offers outstanding health and welfare benefits including medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance and a 403B. PPMSM also offers paid-time off to full and part-time benefit eligible employees. Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan is an Equal Opportunity Employer PPMSM is a drug-free workplace employer and performs pre-employment substance abuse testing.

Medical Director (Ann Arbor) Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan provides quality healthcare to over 70,000 patients in a service area that encompasses 31 counties, 17 health centers, and 83% of the state’s population. PPMSM is seeking the following: MEDICAL DIRECTOR: The Medical Director is responsible to the President/CEO for directing the affiliate medical program and for developing and implementing affiliate medical protocols that are consistent with Title X, PPFA Medical Standards and generally recognized standards of care. It also includes an adjunct faculty appointment with Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Michigan Health System. The focus is Medical Oversight, Program Direction and Development, Administration, Public Relations and Research. Please visit our website at for a complete job description. Qualifications: Must have a Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy degree from an approved college of Medicine/Osteopathy •Must be board certified Obstetrics and Gynecology physician •Must be eligible for an active Michigan Medical License •Must have physician and practice management experience with respect to professional development, productivity monitoring, quality improvement, and process standardization •Preferably has at least two years medical practice management experience in a private practice setting. In addition to competitive salaries, PPMSM offers outstanding health and welfare benefits including medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance and a 403B. PPMSM also offers paid-time off to full and part-time benefit eligible employees. Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan is an Equal Opportunity Employer PPMSM is a drug-free workplace employer and performs pre-employment substance abuse testing.

MNA Civic Engagement Fellow (Lansing) The Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA) is accepting applications for the year-long MNA Civic Engagement Fellow to assist in the development and implementation of strategies that promote a lifelong ethic of civic engagement that increases the efforts of MNA and the impacts the nonprofit sector can have in their local communities. The Fellow will be housed in the Lansing office, but may attend meetings and events at our Detroit office as necessary. This position will report to the Executive Director of the Volunteer Centers of Michigan and includes the following Responsibilities: •Researching and preparing materials for, and participating in, visits with key partners in the field of civic engagement. •Assisting with developing a “road map” for lifelong civic engagement that can be distributed across the state to increase the knowledge of how individuals engage in communities throughout their life time. •Providing support to research initiatives to promote an understanding of the nonprofit sector, volunteerism, and civic engagement. Successful applicants will have: •Relevant work experience •Undergraduate degree or near completion toward a degree •Basic understanding of the field of civic engagement and volunteering •Excellent written and verbal communication skills•Strong research skills. This is a stipend fellowship ($1,000/month), with reimbursements provided for work-related expenses as budgeted. Application Due Date:Friday, June 8, 2012 Send via email to: Diana Algra, Executive Director, Volunteer Centers of Michigan ( Required Contents: One-page resume detailing academic history, work experience, and other relevant experience and Essay (one-two pages) statement of interest discussing: •(1) your knowledge of and experience in public service, social activism, and volunteer engagement (2) ) your career goals and how your selection as The MNA Civic Engagement Fellow will help you achieve them •Evidence of ability to meet position requirements as described in position summary •List of two references. For more information, please contact Diana Algra at 517-492-2433. Please view full job description here.

Administrative Coordinator (Detroit) Detroit Parent Network, a premier organization seeking to transform parents to make the Detroit area a better place to raise and educate children, is currently seeking a full-time Administrative Coordinator. This position coordinates administrative, scheduling, and office support for the Detroit Public Schools Parent Resource Centers as well as school-based activities as directed by the Deputy Director. Ideal candidates will be capable of managing multiple projects at the same time while maintaining strong attention to detail, and will take a strategic approach to the work, putting into place systems and processes that ensure consisent, high-quality results. A full description of the position can be found on our website at: Qualified candidates should send a cover letter and resume to

Volunteer Manager (Detroit) Accounting Aid Society, a 501(c) (3) organization, has an immediate opening for a Volunteer Manager. This is a full-time, exempt position involved in the recruitment, training, management and retention of the agency’s 600 plus volunteers. The Volunteer Manager develops and strengthens the agency’s volunteer base in coordination with senior staff in operations and development. This position manages all aspects of volunteer experience with the agency and reports directly to the President. Bachelor’s degree preferred in communications, community relations, marketing or related field, or equivalent work experience. Skills: strong administrative, oral and written communication skills; demonstrated proficiency and comfort using Microsoft Office applications, social media and website management; other applications such as database and e-learning systems a plus; ability to represent the agency in a professional manner in the community; ability to work with diverse groups as well as independently in a fast-paced environment. See a complete job description on our website at Application deadline is June 15, 2012. Applicants should send: 1) cover letter addressing their qualifications; 2) a resume, and 3) names and contact information for two references to Kathleen Aro, President, at

Program Coordinator (Okemos) Okemos based non-profit organization seeks Program Coordinator to apply knowledge of program management, web based technology and recruitment strategies to support multiple healthcare recruitment programs, contribute to program growth through excellent customer service skills, and deliver recruitment solutions to candidates and members through sourcing efforts. Qualifications and Required Skills - Bachelor’s degree required. Knowledge of database management, word software including excel, strong communication skills with a minimum of 3 years health care related experience required. Experience in service based initiatives, human resources, sales and marketing a plus. Must be available to travel in state overnight. Competitive compensation and benefits based on qualifications and experience. To apply please submit cover letter and resume to

*From the Michigan Nonprofit Association