Every day companies are faced with changing their business model – a bad economy, a dying industry and new technology force all of us to re-evaluate the future of our industry even our marketing-communications strategy

When I talk with clients and they want to issue a news release, I ask them, Why?  What do you want to accomplish and who do you want to reach?

In today’s world, a press release is a great exercise in figuring out what we want to say, but in terms of sending it out to reporters without doing our own due digilence, it is no longer an effective use of our time or your money. 

The media is fragmented, reporters are working on multiple stories in multiple areas. They are forced to not only write the story or piece it together, they need to post a blog and a tweet and constantly follow up with sources, not to mention shoot a video to add the multi-media story and beat their competition. 

Today, your marketing communications (marcom) team should write the story and take it directly to those that you want to reach, using a variety of mediums, traditional press, direct marketing, social and video -- on your website and through other collaborations. 

This is important because we now interact with the media and our stakeholders on a minute-by-minute basis. Checking our social media posts, clicking on what our friends are sending or liking and checking our news feeds.

o before you retain a PR firm to write a press release to launch a new product, celebrate an award or share insight, ask yourself, WHY? and How is the best way to reach my influencers. A press release is no longer the answer.