The way-forward for web-based communications is to turn to mobile communications.  The number of smart phone users has increased dramatically over the past six-months and may increase even more, depending on Steve Job's announcement on June 7th. It is widely rumored that he will announce that he is making the iPhone available to Sprint and Verizon users. Perhaps that is why Wal-Mart is selling the iPhone for $97. Nonetheless, while we are transitioning from our desktops to our laptops and our laptops to our mobile phones, communications are not just getting shorter with every Tweet, they are getting more  local thanks to now popular apps such as Four Square and Yelp! According to the May 2010 of Inside Counsel, YELP, the on-line business review site, changed its policies as a result of a class action lawsuit charging YELP with the manipulation of content on its review pages. The plaintiffs allege that YELP would change the content based on the ad dollars from a particular company.  As a result of the lawsuit, YELP has instituted a number of issues to be more transparent. No matter how we communicate the best communication still comes from word-of-mouth and friend-to-friend.