WANTED – A leader responsible for managing and assisting in the development of the overall communications and messaging strategy within the Democratic and/or Republican National Committee. This position will oversee all internal and external communications, develop and execute a communications plan that strengthens the organization’s narrative, drive earned media and rapid response efforts and communicate the organization’s key messages in a meaningful and memorable way. This person will be responsible for helping current supporters and potential supporters emotionally connect with our message and want to join our movement.

At this point in the Congressional cycle, let alone the Presidential campaign and quest for a new Speaker, both parties need a communications team that can create the process to craft a realistic agenda and craft the messages that reach an audience who will not only listen but want to join their effort.

We are a fractured nation, focused more on politics than policy, more on self-promotion than on progress. 

Democrats and Republicans alike are focused on politics as usual.  The campaign issues discussed on the campaign stump today (abortion, women’s rights, immigration, jobs, taxes and health care) are the same issues that were debated decades ago.

In today’s sharable DIY economy it is time to try something new and as Congress prepares for a new Speaker and America gets ready for a new President, perhaps now is the best time to get out and speak up about the issues that really matter over a medium where people are listening and watching and connecting in a meaningful way that rises above and beyond rhetoric to focus on issues that we can all agree on.

Moving your audience to action is about influencing how they think and feel and ultimately, what you want them to do. By understanding the desired outcomes at the start, you’ll be able to develop messages that drive your key audiences to action.

While I realize consensus on issues does not win elections, those running for office need to take a higher road and find the messages that connect with us and that will make us to think feel and do to help us move forward as a nation.