When the stakes are high in litigation – use the media to win your case

In law, public opinion matters so turn those key messages into a winning litigation strategy -- Lawyers are prevented from using the media as a tool to influence a judge or jury.  But litigation is a threat not only to a corporation’s bottom line but also to its reputation.  Winning in the court of public opinion can often times be more important than winning legal battles. In approaching litigation of high profile cases, lawyers should look at the big picture and beyond the facts and case law in representing clients.  Lawyers should counsel their clients to conduct a thorough assessment of the potential impact litigation will have on the company’s image, reputation, customer relations, investor relations and future business of that particular company.

Through a strategic and targeted communications plan, a company can protect its image, avoid any investor drop-off and continue to keep its customers.   As a result, a comprehensive legal strategy should also include a strategic communications campaign (find legal word for campaign) that works on a parallel track to litigation. While lawyers are preparing for trial, your pr counsel can manage the public environment surrounding the legal action. A strategic communications campaign can also help avoid litigation in the first place and become a holistic approach to avoiding litigation.  Through an on-going litigation strategy key stakeholders will have all the information they need to make informed decisions.

Quick tips:

  • Set the tone immediately you get wind of something
  • Conduct a vulnerability assessment
  • Communicate with employees and other key figures
  • Develop key messages and engage the media
  • Line up supporters and maintain momentum