If you are not defining the perception you want everyone to have, then everyone defines you based on their own perceptions. And even if those perceptions are wrong, then they are still right as far as the audience is concerned. Here are five sources that will change your perception about Detroit. 

  1. Detroit Unspun - This site has original content, including videos of all things great about Detroit and is a tremendous resource in aggregating other local news about Detroit.
  2. Michipreneur.com - Okay so not just about Detroit but about a lot of things local, including original content about Michigan's startup community -- For Innovators, Creatives & Doers....and another tremendous resource in aggregating other local news about Michigan.
  3. Model D Media - A great resource on the people and business remaking Detroit.
  4. Deadline Detroit - Need just one website that you can find all the news you need to know about Detroit?  Found it, HERE.
  5. Hell Yeah Detroit - A fun read about the people and places around Detroit that gives a great sense of the people and energy around this city. 

Honorable Mentions.

*FULL DISCLOSURE. a recent client

Honorable Mentions -- Traditional Media.

  • Detroit Free Press
  • The Detroit News
  • Michigan Chronicle
  • Crain's Detroit Business
  • dBusiness
  • HuffPostDetroit

If you find other media focused on telling and sharing stories about Detroit, Michigan and America's North Coast, please send them to me at dcherrin@NorthCoastStrategies.com and I will post them.