484359_10151114446092757_1756183311_n Politics is about compromise and lately we have had too much politics and not enough compromise. Detroit Free Press reporter Nancy Kaffer recently referenced this in a recent article, Michigan legislators need a lesson in compromise.

Yet, this week, a Michigan Senate Committee will convene to see how the Medicaid Expansion can move forward in the state. Long-term road funding continues to remain a perennial issue and the issue of expanding the Education Achievement Authority and implement Common Core standards in education remain unresolved.

Peter Luke, a reporter with The Bridge, recently wrote that legislators should be problem solvers when in fact, many just use their position to voice an opinion rather than work to find resolution through chaos.

"A governor working in a politically divided government often has no choice but to concede some measure of power to a legislative chamber controlled by the opposition party," Luke wrote. "When government is unified, a governor has two choices in pursuit of policy aims: Hope that intraparty disagreement can be resolved with a civil tone and tasty carrots. Or take out the stick."

There is no about that politics is about division. But it also is about discourse, discussion, debate and dealing with the issues for the benefit of the state. Agree to disagree, but agree to work together to address the issues plaguing our state.

With unfinished business and a long summer recess, I hope our lawmakers return refreshed and ready to remove the barriers to progress and work to resolve the issues before them.