*Photo Attribution Cleveland.com

Drive around Cleveland today and it is electric. Fresh off the NBA Championships, signs all over Cleveland, from the headquarters of Progressive Insurance to buildings on the east and west side read, “All In!

With the GOP Convention just weeks away, Republicans are anything but, “All In.”  With a sparse list of speakers ranging from members of the Trump family to a handful of athletes and actors, the Republican National Committee (RNC) must wrestle control of the convention back from the Trump camp.

While Republicans may be nominating a candidate for President, this is the party’s chance to bring people back through the party’s platform, its value and its history – Through the stories it tells and by showing where their agenda is working. 

Over the four-day convention, it is the Republican’s opportunity to remind people how they can continue to make America great; How they can build upon the success of the Republican majority and why people became a Republican in the first place.

It is their moment to help those running for office in state legislatures and in Congress move their campaign forward, by reminding their electorate what is means to be a Republican.

While not every Republican is “All In” with Trump, the Republicans must work hard to make sure Republicans are “All In” with the GOP.  There is their one shot and for their sake, they can’t blow it.