Engaging the media helps you build credibility, establish trust and raises awareness about the organization. You should work to develop proactive relationships with reporters covering issues important to the organization and develop content or collect data to help reporters tell unique stories about issues important to the company.  This includes:

  • Identify the media covering your people & products and those that your targeted audience read - This begins by monitoring the news.
  • Reach out to those reporters and share information about your organization, key events, interesting research or fresh data.

In regards to approaching the media, try to find issues that are:

Newsworthy - Timely - Important

What makes news?  Why are people interested, how can you make them care? Try to focu son issues that are:

Timely, entertaining, Helpful, Solution-centered, Visually appealing.


  • Know the media and journalists that cover your industry;
  • Become familiar with the media channels your stakeholders and naysayers use;
  • Monitor the news (in your industry, communities & elsewhere);
  • Become a reliable source for trusted reporters by sharing information about issues important to you and your industry;