Art Fair Street Interview *This was drafted originally for Pure Michigan Connect in anticipation of The Ann Arbor Art Fair, July 17-20, 2013.

Traditions are important in Michigan and some will even tell you that traditions began in Ann Arbor. In fact, every July for the 1,100 artists from all over the world make it their affair to submit their artwork to a jury of their peers waiting for the honor and privilege of exhibiting in The Ann Arbor Art Fair.  The Ann Arbor Art Fair is not just one fair, it is four major art fairs in one big event.

For four days, from July 17-20, 2013, art collectors, people watchers and those that just enjoy being a part of tradition, come to Ann Arbor, to walk the 30 city blocks of pop-up retail before these artisans pack up their crafts and move on to other locations.  It is the time of year when friends meet up and where parents take a day off of work to spend it with their children.

Every year brings new artists and brand new art. Whether it is experimenting with a new medium, from mix media to digital media, from wood to metal, jewelry to fiber and fabric, The Ann Arbor Art Fair has something for everyone, making it one of the top art fairs in the Nation.

Every artist has a story to tell and in Ann Arbor, you will have the chance to hear their stories and then the opportunity to re-tell it when you share their art with friends and family.

For example, talk celebrities such as Barbara Lazaroff or Dustin Hoffman and they will tell you about their private collection of works by Sondra Wampler, a California surfer turn photographic artist, whose works also appear in the corporate collections of the Four Seasons, Scottsdale Quarter, Kaiser Permanente and others.

Speaking of celebrities, have you soon artist Ayala Naphtali’s works on NBC’s Parenthood or how about the works of Armando Pedroso on Chicago Fire or Cougar Town.

Or how about Darrin Hoover who was always known as “the kid that could draw,” is now an artist with unique style of aging new wood to create something we can all connect too.

So this July, come to Ann Arbor to celebrate, collaborate and create with our artists. 1,100 artists, over 30 city blocks, from 38 states and four countries, in four individual art fairs, but one event, for the 54th Annual Ann Arbor Art Fair, July 17-20, 2013. Each one has a story to tell and it is your opportunity to develop new relationships, build on old ones and enjoy a right of summer, one of Michigan’s best traditions and an event that is Pure Michigan. For more information, please visit