It is ...

  • Small Business Week;

  • Teacher Appreciation Week; and, 

  • This weekend is Mother's Day 

... and I have a few story ideas for your consideration:


This summer students start their own small business instead of looking for a summer job, with new school curriculum focused on entrepreneurship, for Small Business Week

10 schools in metro Detroit (Detroit, River Rouge, Novi, Brighton) are teaching students how to become entrepreneurs. I want to invite you into the classroom to meet these students, capture the energy inside the classroom and inside the minds of these students who will graduate high school already starting their first business. 


A teacher's passion for their students inspires a new generation of entrepreneurs, for Teacher Appreciation Week

Each one of the 10 teachers has been trained by Youth Entrepreneurs to bring a very specific curriculum into the classroom to empower students to be self-sufficient and start their own business.  I want to invite you to capture their energy as they interact with their students, talk to the students about how their teacher inspires them to succeed. 

  • Stacey Brown Smith, River Rouge High School

  • Tom Staperfenne, Chandler Park Academy Middle School    

  • Renate Matthews, a teacher at Cornerstone Health + Technology High School


When a small business becomes a family business in creating one of Detroit's Culinary Landmarks

For small business week, I want to introduce you to Joe and his daughter Stephanie. Joe was a program manager at WGPR when he and a friend decided to buy a business based on a coin flip. Since 1982, Joe has been operating Louisiana Creole Gumbo on the edge of Eastern Market. I want to invite you to sit down and have lunch with Joe and his family to talk about his business and how he has remained one of Detroit's culinary landmarks through the city's good and bad and his optimism for the future. 


Last minute DIY gift ideas for kids to make mom for Mother's Day 

Mother’s Day weekend creates the perfect opportunity for families to walk around one of Michigan’s most charming downtowns, Art Birmingham celebrates its 38th annual return to Shain Park in downtown Birmingham, May 11-12. Admission is free, with art activities sponsored by the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center (BBAC). Children will be able to make gifts for their mom, grandmother, and aunt.

  • Come to the BBAC or downtown Birmingham in Shain Park and we will show you how to make last-minute gifts for mom, where to spend some quality time with her this weekend and enjoy some of the finest art for sale this weekend at Art Birmingham

I am happy to facilitate any of these story ideas, should you be interested.