With local elections coming in November and state and county and federal elections in 2014, not to mention all the millages, here is a strategic roadmap for the candidates and organizations advancing issues during the election I. Strategic Communications

A. Message Development

1. Setting the agenda

2. Giving people a reason to get engaged

3. Engaging the grassroots

B. Media Relations

C. Stakeholder + Community Engagement -- Making the connections

1. Elected leaders (House, Senate, County, Local, Federal)

2. Labor + Business

3. Grassroots

D. Social Media

1. Stakeholder Engagement (voter, donor, interested, ardent opponent)

2. On line fundraising

3. Story gathering + telling/sharing

4. Pulse + Polling

5. Organizing

II. Donor Relations + Fundraising

A. Donor Relationships

1. Year Round Effort

2. Make them a part of the party’s fabric through constant engagement with Party/Elected

Leadership (in Lansing and Washington) - AIPAC Model

B. Small Donor Focus

1. On line giving

2. Obama Model

III. Candidate recruitment

IV. Create a foundation to support this effort

V. The plan

A. Create a social media site that includes messaging and agenda setting, aggregates the parties Twitter feed, YouTube, Facebook page, while each week feature a story while allowing people to upload their own stories and messages. The site will be used to instantly gauge public opinion, engage and mobilize stakeholders and get people involved.