The Founders of our country told us that we should have more perfect union. They did not say we have to agree on everything. Public policy disputes have the potential of polarizing communities with the affect of delaying important decisions on vital issues of public policy, often resulting in diluted policies or no action at all.

While policy makers may agree on what the problem is, there is often uncertainty as to how to solve it.  Issues such as selecting a new Speaker in Congress or even passing road funding in Michigan lack a process for problem solving and lacks the leadership of those involved to stand up and seek help in resolving complex public policy disputes. 

Facilitation can help resolve high-profile policy disputes and help find resolution through controversy and clarity amidst chaos. To assist governments in resolving disputes by and between each other, the disputants need a trusted third party neutral who is knowledgeable about the issues and can design the process for resolution, while being sensitive to the politics of the issue.

The facilitator would design and facilitate meetings to make sure all viewpoints are considered and help each stakeholder sort through information to support sound decisions.

Great leadership requires finding common ground among diverse interests. Trained facilitators can create the system and process around an issue to help the stakeholders problem solve and move complex multi-party and often politically partisan issues forward. It is time those whom we elect step up and step forward and seek help in flagging the problem and addressing the issue. 

A facilitator can and will bring the right people together to make good decisions, under difficult situations. They don’t take sides or make decisions -- They simply create the path for people to move beyond their differences, join together, and discover a new way forward.

Perhaps its too soft of a way to govern, but given the lack of consensus and increased political posturing, with tonight's debate and the Presidential election well underway, over the next twelve months it is only going to get worse. 

It's time to resolve our differences so we can all move forward.