On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will officially take effect. For European individuals, GDPR expands their data privacy rights and gives them more power to control their data. For companies that process the personal data of these European individuals, GDPR requires compliance with a new set of regulations.

GDPR outlines specific requirements that these companies must satisfy, as well as specific rights that European individuals can exercise with these companies and with their personal information. Although North Coast Strategies is a U.S. company, based on the shores of America's North Coast and The Great Lakes, we have clients in Europe and Asia. The GDPR has forced many American companies that conduct business overseas to revise their privacy and cookie policies to ensure that they are GDPR compliant. 

North Coast Strategies does not collect data from visitors to our site. However, are website is through Square Space and hosted on Google. At times we will distribute news releases through Cision, where we give you the option to Opt-Out or through our regular North Coast email, which is through Gmail.  We invoice our clients through Quick Books, where you could pay by credit card or ACH, but we do not collect your credit card information, Quick Boks does and processes the credit card and JP Morgan Chase would process the ACH, if fees are wired.  We may also share documents and/or images with you through a Google Drive or Dropbox and I may share something through the iCloud.  Google, Square Space, Facebook and LinkedIn may share with analytics about who visited North Coast Strategies website, but it does not tell us who you are. 

Once you retain our services, we will collect your personally identifiable information (PII), such as your name, postal address, telephone number and email, but we do not share that information with anyone other than our accountant. 

We do our best to maintain your privacy and to create systems to ensure any data is protected. Unfortunately, no security measures are 100% foolproof. While we have systems, like two password authentication or password protections in our Dropbox, we all remain vulnerable to our information being lost, destroyed or altered if accessed by an unauthorized user. If that happens and we hope that it does not, we will immediately contact you after being made aware of the breach. If you see something, we hope you will say something and contact us directly at dcherrin @ northcoaststrategies.com. 

Otherwise, I hope you will Like us, follow us, track us, and share our posts on Instagram. Most importantly, we hope you will write a positive review about us on Google. 

This policy is effective May 25, 2018.