We are spending most of our time on-line today, searching for something. In business, how do we compete and how can we keep up? Knowing what I now know about websites and SEO, based on the key words I use in my search, I first click on the top advertisement, since they are using they same key word variation that I am using. And if I am not advertising on Google or Facebook, for example, I try to find the key words that a client or customer would type in the search engines to find me.

There are a number of tips and tricks to use to bolster your page placement on sites such Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.Other than hiring a SEO Agency or PR Agency that provides SEO services, it helps to have:

  • Fresh content – that is why blogs are so useful;
  • Inbound and outbound links to your site; and
  • Regular updates.

To help you find out what the key words are that others use to find you, try some of these tools:

  • GoogleAdword
  • Google Insight
  • Google Trends Key Word Digest
  • Wordtracker Free
  • Basic key word searches
  • Google.com/trends

And there are of course, many more, free and paid tools to plan and monitor, such as SEOmoz.

Our check list and SEO To Do List:

  • Easy to use navigation;
  • Provide direct actionable information that remains relevant;
  • Professional and accessible; and,
  • Deliver high quality, credible content that is understandable.
Most importantly, have a plan -- a plan to tell you why you are o-nline and who they need to reach out to.