According to a recent study by Veronis Suhler Stevenson,we will see more and more companies re-investing in marketing. But the term marketing will mean something very different in 2012. According to the Council of Public Relations Firms, here is why:

  • The rise of social media has prompted more companies to focus new ways to engage their customers
  • More companies are focused on their reputation and how that affects business decisions
  • Risk assessment and risk mitigation in light of uncertain economic times are forcing companies to rethink their business model
  • The recession and political instability has caused CEOs and their companies to be more sympathetic to the people they serve and the community for which they call home. As a result, they want to invest back into the community.

Given these issues, PR agencies have been consistly relied upon to tell the stories of others while engaging multiple stakeholders to simplify the complex, along a number of media channels. Unlike other industries, public relations firms and public affairs professionals, have the relationships with key political and media influencers and are able to quickly move beyond disciplines and industries to benefit their client. In fact, they simplify the complex.  So as a company,

  • Take a look at how your employees and customers are using social media
  • Listen and hear what is being said about you and your company
  • Respond to what is being said and surprise then with things that you are doing right
  • Follow through -- do what you said you will do
  • Invest in data, it will help rebuild or solidify a companies core
  • Just act yourself -- Today's customer likes honesty, transparency and truly genuine people