Timing is everything and if you are planning to launch a new product on today (June 15) or make a major announcement, I would reconsider.

In launching a product, announcing an event or otherwise trying to make news in a time when reporters are working on multiple stories at once, while posting to their social media feeds, timing is everything.

In announcing something, know what else is going on in the news cycle and either try to be relevant to the other news of the day or unless it is game-changing news itself, wait until the timing is right.  

For example, if you are launching a video game, reporters covering the industry will be too busy reporting on the games being announced today at the (EA) press event.

However, if you are a residential builder or a developer, today may be a great day to reach out to the trade or business media to talk about projects you are working on.  The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) will announce their home builders index at noon. 

Today, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will also launch his campaign to become President of the United States. He announced his announcement over a week ago, helping to build momentum and sending a signal to PR counselors as to opportunities to make their clients relevant to the news cycle.  And while Governor Bush's announcement will be a top story today, Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton will be in New Hampshire also making news, providing opportunities for additional comment.  

And if you are trying to announcing something in Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Chicago or the Bay Area, you should put your announcement on hold, as the local media will be consumed with stories about the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals. 

While these stories are not earth shattering news events, they are news stories that will consume today's news cycle. As a result, in making an announcement or creating your own news, it is important that you know the issues and stories you are competing with. Ideally, you should work to anticipate the news and work proactively with a handful of reporters to shape a story around you, your product or your company. You should also be familiar with the news media, trade publications and reporters covering your industry so that you are not reaching out to them on day when your email will get buried or your phone call will go straight to voice mail. 

If it is something that you simply cannot avoid in announcing, then make sure you leverage social media and your own media channels and send a link to people who you want to read your news. 

On the other hand, days like today may be a great day for you to announce something, if it is news that you have to get out but news that is not necessarily favorable to you or your company. Perhaps it is announcing a bankruptcy or other legal action, your CEO or other high ranking official is leaving or some other story that must be shared but it is okay if it finds its way to a blurb in the paper or a quick post on a news site. 

So before you make an announcement, take a step back and see what is being reported on. See if your news is relevant to the cycle or if it is such a unique story that is must get covered.