It is time for America to embrace Donald Trump as the presumptive GOP nominee. If he wins the requisite number of votes then the Republicans should support him at the convention in Cleveland.  


The Republican Party also must take a look at why he won, how he secured the votes, the messages he communicated and how they were delivered -- To see what resonated and who it stuck with.


Regardless of who wins the nomination or ultimately the election, both parties must embrace “change” and find ways to become more authentic in regards to helping others identify with their brand. 


What the 2016 Presidential Campaign has shown, is that neither party has not kept up with the rest of the country in terms of the challenges Americans face and the solutions that will continue to make Americans stronger.


While some people embrace partisan politics there are a fair number of American's who want to see our country move forward in a non-partisan way. Sure elections are about distinguishing one candidate from another and at times, that can get messy.


Elections however are also about character and offers us a glimpse of who the people are that we are about to elect and lead our country moving forward. Once elected, that person then needs to be able to govern and govern in a way that makes sense for all Americans - not just those that prescribe to a particular philosophy or agenda.


In today's business environment, consumers demand authenticity. We want to work with people are the same person in the boardroom as they are in the world outside.  We want to eat in restaurants or purchase clothing from a store that have a social mission, treat their employees well and have a larger story to tell.


In politics, authenticity is lost with campaign rhetoric.  Accountability is lost and blame is shifted. As voters it is our responsibility to see through the candidate and support the person that we think will be the strongest leader.


The Democratic and Republican parties are vulnerable and loosing their ability to create a movement of people behind their issues and their candidate. It is time both parties embrace a new era in politics and learn how to lead with an authentic voice.  It is time for the GOP to let Trump win and use his victory as an opportunity to make positive changes moving forward that we can all embrace.