To often an organization creates a marketing plan that fits in a binder and gets shelved. Hours are spent defining your audience, studying the data and creating plans that do not have anyone following through. It is time to end the planning and begin with creating a strategic road map to reaching your core audience, centered-around your organization's values and focused on empowering the consumer to make a purchase, advocate or change their lifestyle.  

To learn more about re-setting your marketing strategy to focus on your organizations core, while creating a road map instead of plan, see this presentation delivered today at the Michigan Society of Association Executive's (MSAE) OrgPro 2013.

“Know WHAT to say, WHEN to say it and WHO to say it to!” looks at the brand of an association and assists association leaders in re-defining their audience and setting objectives in creating an integrated communications plan. It will hit the high notes in terms of helping association leaders, from large and small associations, with marketing goals and strategies for defining the audience, crafting the message and identifying the appropriate media channels from traditional media, digital and social mobile. Association leaders will walk out as marketing professionals complete with a one page strategic communications plan to start working on when they return to work.