I want you to more than like me….Runners and cyclists share a common bond for the love and enjoyment of their sport. And although the runner or cyclist approach each other may be strangers, they will most likely exchange a nod, a wave or a greeting - hi. In an age when we want others to like us, friend us or follow us, we are still missing that personal connection.  We may ask you to like us, but we are not giving you reasons why? From now on, I want you to more than "like me" or just "follow me". I want us to become engaged in conversation and debate. I want to learn from you and you from me. And I want something to happen. Therefore, through social media, I will ask questions and advice, offer samples or incentives, seek direction or reassurance. I also will try to meet with you in person, one-on-one and look for every opportunity to re-establish ways to move beyond "like".