For associations, In advancing a legislative advocacy plan it is important to have the buy in of all the relevant stakeholders. As members we don’t have the band with to make meaningful relationships. That is why we join an association. But as members we may have certain relationships association leadership can tap but they are not aware of those connections.  Consequently, association leadershipshould take more time to get to know their members and see how to leverage its' members just as much as the member relies on the association.

Relationships start around common interest and evolve around issues. And relationships grow by bringing solutions to the table, rather than just the challenge. It all can start with a phone call or email or bumping into a person at a parade or event.

Why are relationships important?  Not just between a legislator and an association, but between an association and its members?  Find out in Association Impact, a podcast hosted by Michigan Society of Association Executive CEO Cheryl Ronk, where she interviews Daniel Cherrin on how associations can impact public policy through relationships.