Every company is a media company and everyone is a reporter …

Today, every company has a website or other social media presence and have become a media company.  We have shifted our thinking from pitching the media to informing them, from control to credibility and from influencing to engaging new influencers. We build trust through our actions, follow up, relationships and experience.

As we continue to engage on line communities and share information, we are creating our own personal brand. If you are interested in becoming an expert or go to resource on issues you have an interest in or experience with here are Five Steps to Establishing Your Personal Brand:

  1. Identify Top News Source in the industry
  2. List the top topics you can speak on - i.e. news events, opts to comment
  3. Create a contact / resource list - let news know about you and expertise, share info tips and information
  4. write your own stories, don't pitch, share the link
  5. Anticipate the news and prepare i.e. tips sound bites

To find your inner diva and your personal brand ..

What do you want to say?

Why do you want to say it?

What is the desired outcome?