DETROIT, Mich. - In 2014, Shane and Melissa Douglas started to design and bags, totes, clutches, and wallets, hand-crafted, from fine leather, out of a loft in Milwaukee Junction in Midtown Detroit. On August 25, they will officially open ,Douglas & Co. Detroit, their new workshop and store, located at 609 E Milwaukee St., Detroit, Mich. 48202, in the garage of the former Peerless Machine Weighing Co.

Handcrafted products include bags, card-holders, clutches, key chains and wallets, each paired with a certificate of authenticity signifying its series number and quantity in that run. Prices range in price from $8 to $220.

Their products are modern, sophisticated and hand-crafted in Detroit. While some products can be found on-line, there are several new & exclusive bags only found in their new studio, that are made from Horween Leather, which is 100 percent U.S. made.

Other products found exclusive to their new store are:

·      Candles 

·      Long bill wallet, long wallet with a closure. Holds credit cards as well as dollar bills 

·      Flags – Handmade stitched and screen printed made in collaboration Wild Standard

·      Computer / document portfolio - ideally used for someone carrying a computer or tablet along with other documents.

Shane and Melissa Douglas created Douglas & Co. Detroit to be a lifestyle brand that celebrates the unique characteristics of individuals. Inspired by the diversity of people, the brand offers a limited run of products within a series, usually between 20-50, but sometimes up to 100.  Their new store and studio is 800 square feet with approximately 200 square feet of retail space, reflects the intimate experience they want their customers to have with the makers of the hand crafted handbags and other luxury leather items.  They will also offer workshops in their studio.

Shane and Melissa began selling products in November 2014. They started small, only offering a few varieties of leather tote bags, a smaller clutch, and a wallet.  Today, their store is now open to the public and sold in stores throughout the United States. For more information:


Douglas & Co. Detroit, 609 E Milwaukee St., Detroit, Mich. 48202

Hours - T - TH - (12-5), SAT (11-2)