At home and the office, it pays to be more social, but does your company have a social media policy and if so, are your employees listening, or better yet, Are You Listening To Your Employees?

Thanks to the proliferation of tablets and phones we are all more mobile and more mobile with our work. When we are on social media or engaging in on-line banter with our digital friends, we are also a bit more carefree and may say something we would not normally say if in the office talking around the water cooler.

To set the standard in regards to what people should or should not do in posting their own content over social media, it is important to have policy or set of guidelines in place to remind your staff about appropriate behavior. 

In creating a policy, keep these points in mind:

  • Don’t disclose conflicts of interest.
  • Don’t put yourself or the company at risk.
  • Be transparent and let people know who you work for.
  • Make sure that you do not speak on behalf of your employer.
  • Don’t let social media get in the way of your day job.

Take a look at the 2005 Social Media Policy from Hill and Knowlton to see just how far we have been giving this advice. And feel free to contact us at North Coast Strategies to help create a social media strategy that fits your company's culture and help sets the industry standard.