Detroit in Transition – A plan to move Detroit Forward (Part 7 of 8)

Thousands of people are looking for jobs in Detroit but don’t have the basic skills to fulfill those jobs.  However, there are many Detroiters who want to work but don’t want the training because they need the cash now to support themselves and their families.

In addition, thousands more children are looking for work.  The new mayor must find ways to enrich the lives of Detroit’s children, with jobs, community services, enrichment programs and other extracurricular activity.  The Mayor should have a Children’s Summit and bring together Detroit’s labor and business community, local churches and mosques, community colleges and universities and local and national nonprofits such as the YMCA, the Boys and Girls Club and corporate foundations to help train young people for jobs that do not yet exist, find employment for young people and outlets for after school programs and other extra curricular activity