With a new mayor comes a new opportunity to communicate a new vision and new agenda to wrap around that vision.  It also is his opportunity to engage the community in what that vision should be in an effort to build support.

While building and selling that vision, the new mayor needs to work at fixing Detroit’s problems, irrespective of what EM Orr is doing. This includes the city’s infrastructure and building the support for the people who live and work in the city. This includes:

Diversify Detroit’s Economy

Detroit needs to continue to diversify its economy.  Despite our past success in incubating America’s automotive industry that grew to include OEMS and other suppliers and advanced manufacturing, we needed the resources to retool Detroit’s existing plants in order to create the next generation of manufacturing, but we lacked the capital to make that happen. The city has done a great job of diversifying its industry while reinforcing its heritage in the automotive industry, but more capital is still needed to bolster the city’s infrastructure to support new industry and more incentives, such as job-training dollars are needed to attract further investment in the city. 

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Detroit's Port

Detroit's Port