From toys to medical devices, the world is a more connected place, exposed to hackers and other threats, that can result in serious injury or damage, both physically and to your financially to your reputation. We are naked and exposed and vulnerable to the risks of living in a connected life in the Internet of Things (IoT).  While politically fragmented, Friday's attack proves our world is more connected than ever.  

While President Trump has ordered his homeland security adviser, Thomas P. Bossert, who has a background in cyberissues, to coordinate a response to a cyberattack, do you as a business owner have a plan to respond if attacked? 

While you are busy working with IT on finding the problem and installing the fix, how are you communicating with your employees, customers and suppliers. 

This week's attack is an important reminder that we are all vulnerable, but as a business owner, Know where you are vulnerable.

  • Automated vehicles can come to a complete stop, without the driver pushing a pedal;
  • Speed trains can go faster, without the help of an engineer;
  • The electric grid can be shut down from thousands of miles away; and,
  • Raw sewage can be pumped back into the water supply.

Understand where you are vulnerable and where there are risks

Then figure out How will you respond?  If you can even respond.  Knowing where you are vulnerable if the first step in any crisis planning. That will help you in coordinating an appropriate response, given the situation.

Unfortunately, we are all in this together. We understand the risks of living in a connected world -- until that is my information is compromised. So plan ahead and prepare for the inevitable attack.