Creating the experience - Meadowbrook Urgent Care Objective: Urgent care is a little known way for people to treat non-emergency related injuries.   A brand new state-of-the art urgent care clinic opened two locations in Metro Detroit.

Strategy: Our strategy was to reach out to local media and work with them on a variety of stories educating the community about urgent care  as an option to those without a primary care physician, work-related injuries, sport-related injuries or wanting to see a doctor during off hours.  In addition, we looked for opportunities to bring people into the urgent care facility and to work with the community and the City of Novi in hosting a number of community events at the clinic as a way to further develop awareness of what they do, where and when.

Results:  We secured local and state media, both traditional and on-line, for a local urgent care clinic, directing people to use their clinic over others in the area.