In 2011, we saw people protesting in the streets of Egypt, Syria and Libya demanding change, while others occupied Wall Street, Oakland, San Francisco, Detroit and other cities throughout America,. For a movement to succeed, those involved, should have a desire for progress through action, change through collaboration and growth by working together.  For any movement to succeed, it needs a vision and the leadership necessary to carry out that vision.  

As candidates prepare to run for election or reelection in 2014, they need to create a vision to rally their supporters around and suggest a plan of action once they are elected.  Campaigns are no doubt political, but for today’s voter, candidates need to offer voters something more than just the same old negative campaigning.

Business and individuals today need stability. They need to know that what and whom they invest in will be around for a while to help them move forward. The challenge both Democrats and Republicans will have in this election is communicating a vision to help create that movement the activists tried to create in 2011.

Perhaps each party should try something new, something bold and rise above the politics and personalities and start focusing on the issues where everyone can agree. Democrats or Republicans can agree to disagree, but both must start making policy through consensus. While that message may not win elections, it will start the discussion to drive change in the state and in Washington.