I am not sure if you caught it, but among today's Sunday circulars, Target focused theirs on "Celebrating Earth Week & Save."  Not only did they feature green products but they also shared their report on sustainable practices by the Target Corporation.

According to a recently released study (March 29, 2010) by Penn Schoen Berland, Landor Associates, and Burson-Marsteller, more than 75 percent of consumers say that it is important for companies to be socially responsible. Target understands their consumer base. We are buying products because we are told they are good for the environment and we like to shop their because we know they care about the things we care about. For example, according to their circular, Target:

  • Recycles 950 pounds of cardboard
  • Donates grocery overstocks to soup kitchens and after-school programs
  • Rethought their supply delivery and how they package their deliveries to minimize their carbon foot-print.

Their circular also directs you to an "Eco-Friendly" website where you are able to add your email to receive coupons by email or phone, or enter a contest. They are using the various media to engage their customer -- Although I did not see anything on their Facebook or Twitter (corporation) site talking about their sustainable practices and directing consumers to their "eco-friendly" site.

Nonetheless, they used the Sunday circular as a great opportunity to share with others how the care about the environment and what they are doing to create a more sustainable corporation and world.

As we start Earth Week, it is important to consider how we all are being good corporate citizens. Are we providing pro bono work to non-profits; even in a down economy are we working to benefit our community; and, how and are we doing anything to reduce our carbon foot print.  If we are, then it is important that you share with others what you are doing. It will not only help further the cause of initiatives you are supporting but it also will give others another reason to consider doing business with you. Using your website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other media will help you share with others, your contributions to make our community a better place. Happy Earthy Week!