Often times, people will ask you and others to write a recommendation for them on the popular social media site, Linkedin. However, the July 13 & 20, 2009 issue of BusinessWeek (p. 072) has an article warning managers from writing recommendations about their employees on Linkedin as they could be later used by plaintiff's lawyers in "discrimination or termination cases that put an employee's performance at issue". The article predicts that sooner or later, attorney's will begin to mine social media sites for evidence or was to bolster their clients cases. In some cases, The PR Lawyer is aware of cases in which attorney's have set up Facebook accounts just so that they can gather evidence for their clients and use it to force a settlement or bolster their case should it go to trial. Companies should have a blanket policy for their managers to not use Linkedin to make recommendations. If someone is asking for a recommendation, chances are they are looking for a new job. Save the recommendations for their quarterly, bi-annual or yearly review. And always, when using the Internet and social media sites, exercise caution.