Screenshot 11:27:12 12:03 AM Increasingly, legal battles are being fought in the court of public opinion long before lawyers see the inside of a courtroom.  Without a careful and coherent litigation communication strategy, even a legal victory can be prohibitively costly in terms of company or product reputation.  An effective communications strategy must be coordinated with a legal strategy.  As lawyers, we know the legal process and are sensitive to the concerns of in-house and outside counsel and develop communications strategies that support and enhance the company’s legal strategy.

A lawyer -PR specialist is trained in translating the arcane, confusing, and complicated elements of legal actions into messages that are heard, understood, and remembered outside the courtroom.

No organization is immune to crisis. It strikes every type of business, industry and nonprofit entity. Effective communication and reputation management often spells the difference between succumbing to a crisis and surviving it. When a crisis strikes, a company must move quickly to mobilize its legal and communications teams to manage the crisis and protect their reputation and legal position.

A media savvy lawyer is in a better positon to help their clients than one who would prefer "not to comment."