Identifying, assessing, prioritizing and responding to the opportunities and risks that the public policy environment throws at an organization is vital to an organization’s success. An organization's response to the regulatory, legislative and political challenges may include seeking to influence that change through a strategic communications plan, the media and through strategic partnerships and engagement.

 With the primary over, it is important to work pro-actively to build strategic yet meaningful relationships with key stakeholders and develop the strategies to influence public opinion and the opinions of government leaders during the next legislative session.

Elections are about change. And change is at the core an effective public affairs strategy. Public affairs professionals help companies and individuals guide the changing landscape of politics, personalities and policy. What will a new legislature or administration mean for your business?  Or a new congress or even a new committee chair?

As we know focus on the general election, take advantage of the campaign to educate the candidates about your business. Invite them in to your factory for a tour, have them meet your members and work pro-actively to develop strategic and meaningful relationships.