After driving around Los Angeles for a week, I had a creative moment to find a way to rebrand Detroit’s neighborhoods. There are many of us who are familiar with Midtown, Downtown, Eastern Market, even parts of Detroit such as Corktown, Sugar Hill, Morning Side and Rosedale Park. While each neighborhood its’ uniqueness, its’ streets carry their history. So why not create a brand for a neighborhood around its street name.

In Los Angeles, you know where you are when you drive along Rodeo, Melrose or Hollywood Boulevard. We should start rebranding our city and our region around our streets. These streets are our conduits to regional unity.

  • Woodward is not just a Boulevard, it is something that we can all identify with;
  • Michigan is so much more than just an Avenue it is a street that built relationships; and,
  • Davison is not just a Freeway, it is a place where music was made.

Community begins with an identity. Detroit’s Boulevards, Avenues and Freeways are so much more than miles of concrete. They and the neighborhoods that have popped up around them represent each and every one of us that calls Detroit Home.

While we celebrate the 313, the D and Detroit Rock City, let's work to carry the banner for Woodward, Michigan, Davison, Gratiot, Jefferson, Evergreen, Livernois and others.