Promoting your brand or yourself as the brand can be both difficult and easy. With a website and social media you can broadcast your news, information and insight to the world or specifically target your target market with the right data and resources.

So how can you be relevant today?

For example, do you have something to share about immigration, tax reform or political messaging?  Well today is your chance as the GOP Presidential candidates meet for their second debate this evening (8pm EST on CNN). Now is your chance to tap into the social media discussion about the campaign and candidates. While Donald Trump will continue to dominate the debate, watch-out for Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and Jeb Bush to jockey for position on stage.

After the GOP candidates debate, Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton will appear as a guest on “The Tonight Show,” which should also keep social media trending.

Before these events however, Congress returns to work to try to avoid a government shutdown before the new fiscal year starts next month; People are still fleeing their countries and will continue to dominate the news cycle and the US Census Bureau will issue its annual report on household income, poverty and health insurance coverage.

Locally, UAW members are preparing to voteon a tentative contract with Fiat Chrysler while GM and Ford prepare for their negotiations, the MEDC laid of 36, the Michigan Legislature returns its focus back to education and roads and the city of Detroit continues to discuss and debate marijuana dispensaries, while stories of entrepreneurship and technology continue to dominate stories of success in Detroit.

Looking ahead, world leaders are preparing to delivery their speeches on world diplomacy later this month while Vice President Joe Biden prepares to visit Detroit to discuss transportation.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to share your insight and expertise, but how will you do it. 

Here are a few tips to help position you as a resource to the media or to share your insight and content with a targeted audience:

  • Write down what you want to say and share in bullet points.
  • Turn it into a blog and either post it on your blog or find another place to become a guest blogger.
  • Take that blog post and create bite-size news to post on Twitter, share on LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • If you can create a visual to go along with that post, such as an infographic, gif, photo, podcast or video to post on YouTube, Instagram and/or Snapchat.
  • Reach out to a news director, producer, reporter or editor to share your news and insight.
  • Read the news and share your insight with a reporter, via email or twitter, after you read their article.
  • Or work with a public relations professional who has the relationships and ability to help package your insight to share with others.

There is always something to comment on, but what you have to say, how you say it and where you share will all depend on who is listening.

So take today’s news cycle as a training opportunity and see how you can contribute to today’s conversation. 

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