The best way to listen to your members to engage them. Always in person, by visiting them in their office, factory or store and listening to them on line. Social media gives us the ability to learn more about our members than we have ever known before.

Watching them on Facebook, we gain a window into their family vacations, birth announcements, even illnesses, but more celebrations. Social media gives us the opportunity to learn more about our members, but also the legislators, reporters and other influencers we follow.

Just like Facebook, Twitter also allows me to follow on what is going on around specific issues. What issues our members follow and what is important enough for them to share.

Social media continues to evolve, but it has become a vital tool to advance the association's mission and agenda bygiving us the ability to start the conversation.

For more insight into the role social media plays in having us become better listeners and giving us the tools to start the conversation, listen to this podcast edition of Association Impact.