Today companies must commit to a stronger digital strategy, leveraging websites and social media channels as the primary media for disseminating your messages and setting the record straight.

QUICK TIPS | Website

  • Your website forms the hub of your marketing effort. Everything you do should direct people to visit your website for more information.
  • Have a plan to regularly update your website to keep the content fresh and people coming back.


  • The Blog could be used for people to learn about available resources, receive important updates, celebrate success and recognize leaders in the industry.
  • Each item in your current newsletter could be turned into or re-purposed as a blog post.  It could be updated twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) with new information, supplemented by tweets or posts on Facebook, for people to find the latest information.

QUICK TIPS | Email + e-Newsletter

  • Email should be used to distribute newsletters via platforms such as Constant Contact or MailChimp and those same platforms can be used to provide updates to your core audience.
  • Marketing emails should center on starting a conversation but guiding people back to your website for more specific calls of action.

QUICK TIPS | Digital Marketing

  • Leverage digital marketing i.e. search engine optimization (SEO), banner ads and Facebook ads when you are ready to talk about the report.