Organizing a trade show is not easy. The preparation in site selection, speaker solicitation, and event promotion alone takes a full year or more.

Getting the media to come to your event is also a chore. Depending on the issues being discussed and location can determine whether or not the media takes interest.

So here are 5 tips in planning an event and bringing the media there to talk about.

Location matters. Most of the media is concentrated in New York and Los Angeles so having events in either location may make it easier for media outlets to justify the expense in sending a reporter to cover it.

Speakers and issues matter. Whether soliciting proposals or seeking out speakers, ever panel and keynote should be on an issue that is timely, trending, newsworthy, and noteworthy. Speakers should also be newsworthy. Journalists should be invited to join high profile panel discussions or moderate the conversation.

Media lists are important. In creating a media list, it is important to know what is important to the media covering your industry. So monitor what is being written about the topics you will discuss, find out who is writing about them and consult them in creating the agenda.

Involve the government. Depending on the event, you should invite a government official, from the Mayor to the President to speak at your event. With them comes a media pool to cover their remarks.

Look for media partners. These partners will not only help promote the event through their integrated media channels, they will help tell some of the stories emerging from the conference.

No matter what you do, start early and organize the event with media in mind.